Ultra > Angel (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)

Ultra > Angel (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)

Devotees: Pay attention!

Electrozombies is proud to present the first part of the pos­sible best Depeche Mode trib­ute com­pil­a­tion ever made. 'Ultra > Angel' is the name and also indic­ates the con­tent. Because this trib­ute con­tains songs from the long-play­ers 'Ultra' (1997), 'The Singles 86>98' (1998), 'Exciter' (2001), 'Playing The Angel' (2005) and 'The Best Of (Volume 1)' (2006).

The most unique tribute

The concept behind this com­pil­a­tion was to make a trib­ute album that is out­stand­ing on the world of the sheer end­less Depeche Mode trib­utes. Of course we also love the old clas­sics, but we wanted to have a more unique trib­ute com­pil­a­tion. We're tired of listen­ing to the ten thou­sandth cov­er ver­sion of 'Enjoy The Silence' or 'Never Let Me Down Again'. There's noth­ing new you can expect.

That's why we decided to choose selec­ted songs from the era without Alan Wilder in the band lineup. We think every single album from Depeche Mode is abso­lutely bril­liant. Here we want to present the 'less pop­u­lar' cov­er songs from devotees with pas­sion to you.

What can you expect?

As I already men­tioned all tracks are simply breath­tak­ing good. Here I want to focus to some really new inter­preted cov­er ver­sions. You know the heart-melt­ing bal­lad 'Shine' from the 'Exciter'? My good friend John von Ahlen of 'Parralox' made a super fant­ast­ic uptempo disco track out of it. A bril­liant twist!

'Junksista' do it the oppos­ite way. They cre­ated an emo­tion­al and dreamy bal­lad from the dance floor clas­sic 'Martyr'. The French Electropop band 'Celluloide' comes with anoth­er great idea around the corner. They present their ver­sion of 'Precious' in a quiet unex­pec­ted way by switch­ing the lyr­ics into french.

Did you ever ask your­self how would the song 'Lilian' sound if it was a Futurepop track? Well, here you have the chance to listen to the great ver­sion from the Greek Futurepop band 'Technolorgy'. These are just some examples of the wide vari­ety of this tribute.

The tracklist

  1. Palais Ideal – Barrel Of A Gun
  2. Fatal Aim – A Pain That I'm Used To (Feat. Leo Luganskiy)
  3. Parralox – Shine
  4. Junksista – Martyr
  5. Celluloide – Precious
  6. Technolorgy – Lilian
  7. Corlyx – I Feel Loved
  8. Lucifer's Dream – Useless (Feat. Arabescos)
  9. Ultranoire – The Sinner In Me
  10. Terminal Front – John The Revelator
  11. AccroGeist – Sister Of Night
  12. Twisted Destiny – Insight

Release date

The trib­ute com­pil­a­tion will be released world­wide July 10th, 2017. In the first wave it will be avail­able on the major digit­al chan­nels iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Music. Support us by buy­ing this trib­ute and enjoy all new inter­pret­a­tions on 'Ultra > Angel'.

Watch the official 'Ultra > Angel' album teaser

But waaiittt, there's more!

We had so much mar­velous cov­er entries that we had to split up the first concept of the trib­ute com­pil­a­tion. Overall we had 26 (!) awe­some songs. That was too much for just one trib­ute. The res­ult would be that one artist would steal the show of the oth­er one. And maybe some good songs would drown in mass.

A second part with 14 tracks from the era 2009 – 2017 will fol­low soon. Be pre­pared for anoth­er phe­nom­en­al Depeche Mode trib­ute com­pil­a­tion. Keep an eye on Electrozombies. This is a good time to sub­scribe to our news­let­ter (See foot­er sec­tion at the bot­tom of the page) to be informed as soon as possible.

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