Apop We Love You (A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk)

Apop We Love You (A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk)

Welcome to earth

The long wait is over. Today is the offi­cial release date. Due dis­tri­bu­tion via Loudr and dif­fer­ent time zones, you'll may find the release on your favour­ite plat­form with a slight delay. It will be imme­di­ately avail­able on Loudr first, fol­lowed by iTunes and after that Amazon MP3 and Google Music.

Furthermore today is the release of the offi­cial music video as well. Watch the offi­cial music video 'Electrogenic – In This Together' now and spread the the video link through your social chan­nels with the offi­cial hasht­ag #ApopWeLoveYou.

Pleased to meet you we came to drop bombs on you

Apoptygma Berzerk had and still has a huge influ­ence on the music scene – now it's about time to pay trib­ute. Stephan Groth and his band mates have been provid­ing us for over 25 years now with great music and awe­some gigs. Apop (how fans call the band) is among the most import­ant bands who essen­tially shaped the genre Futurepop. Be pre­pared for this monu­ment­al, and breath­tak­ing trib­ute album. Let's wel­come to earth: "Apop We Love You – A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk".

The 'who is who' of the electronic black scene joins in on this tribute

A bunch of well-known musi­cians and bands appear on this trib­ute album: Machinista, Vogon Poetry, Twisted Destiny, IIOIOIOIITechnomancer Feat. Angst Pop, and many more. You can check all par­ti­cipants in detail on the col­lab­or­a­tion page. By the way: Angst Pop is Per Aksel Lundgreen who is a former mem­ber of Apoptygma Berzerk.

Each and every musi­cian put a lot of heart-blood and pas­sion into their Apop cov­er ver­sions. Although this is an inter­na­tion­al pro­ject, it may occur to the read­er that the Scandinavian musi­cians build quite a strong part in it.

Electrozombies is proud to present the very first official tribute

"We're over­whelmed by all sub­mis­sions," Tom says. "Each song really has a unique, new style, and the level of pro­fes­sion­al­ism is very high indeed. We would nev­er have expec­ted that this pro­ject may become so huge. But the most import­ant thing for us is the feed­back from the fans them­selves; we hope you will enjoy a whole new approach to all our beloved Apop-Songs and find a couple of new bands on this trib­ute which are surely worth a second glance."

The tracklist

  1. Fatal Aim – Apollo (Live On Your TV)
  2. Electrogenic – In This Together
  3. Rroyce – Green Queen
  4. Twisted Destiny – Suffer In Silence
  5. Vogon Poetry – Mourn
  6. Machinista – You Keep Me From Breakin Apart
  7. IIOIOIOII – Kathy's Song
  8. Corlyx – Deep Red
  9. Miranda Cartel – Shadow
  10. Technolorgy – Eclipse
  11. Mechatronic – Pikachu
  12. Sad January – Until The End Of The World
  13. Alphamay – Paranoia
  14. Synapsyche – Bitch
  15. Unique Strain – Lost In Translation
  16. pendingPosition – Starsign
  17. Walk With Anything And Mrs Hands – Non Stop Violence
  18. Technomancer Feat. Angst Pop – Electronic Warfare (2015 Version)
  19. Marque and Reprisal Feat. Jane Crow – Lost In Translation (Bonus Track)
  20. S/E/X – Mourn (Bonus Track)

Watch the offical 'Apop We Love You' teaser now

Media reviews

Intravenous Magazine: "If you're a fan of Apop or just like a good com­pil­a­tion album fea­tur­ing a great mix of tal­en­ted artists then 'Apop We Love You – A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk' is a good choice.". Read full review here: http://www.intravenousmag.co.uk/2016/07/review-various-artists-apop-we-love-you.html

Brutal Resonance: "Our good friends over at Electrozombies have an obvi­ous love for said Norwegian syn­thpop group as they have recently released a twenty track trib­ute album called Apop We Love You.". Read full review here: http://www.brutalresonance.com/review/various-artists-apop-we-love-you/

Sonic Seducer: "Especially the ver­sions with female vocals stand out. .… For the rest of the album holds: Quite dance­able, some­times tran­cey and not too close to the ori­gin­al tracks." (Review: Sonic Seducer, Issue 09/2016, Page 86 by Josie Leopold)

Get Apop We Love You now

We and all the par­ti­cip­at­ing musi­cians have spent almost 4 months of hard work on this album. Please sup­port this trib­ute by buy­ing it leg­ally. With your sup­port we're able to bring you more high qual­ity trib­utes and free com­pil­a­tions in the future. Thank you in advance for sup­port­ing Electrozombies. Links will be activ­ated as soon as it's avail­able online.

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