Prism (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys)

We’re the Pet Shop Boys

After the suc­cess­ful com­pil­a­tion ‘Apop We Love You’ (A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk) we began to think: “What’s next?“. As LOVE COMES QUICKLY it was crys­tal clear that the next trib­ute must be ded­ic­ated to the ‚Pet Shop Boys‘.

Would you have thought, that their debut album `PLEASE` has had its 30th anniversary early this year? And that´s one more good reas­on to hon­our this highly cre­at­ive band which gave us awe­some pop songs through­out their whole carreer.

An iconic tribute title

The RELEASE is called ‘Prism’ (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys). 'Prism' is the per­fect choice for a simple and strong buzz word as to be found on every PSB album.

Prism (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys) - AnimatedWe also wanted to hon­our Pet Shop Boys´ con­tinu­ity of album nam­ing and art­work. Further it gives a hint on the con­tent as well. The listen­er may enjoy a full prism of new exper­i­ence, while listen­ing to unique new inter­pret­a­tions of clas­sic PSB songs.

BTW: For the digit­al release we have cre­ated an anim­ated cov­er art­work that dis­plays well-known icon­ic objects and graph­ics that we asso­ci­ate with the boys.

A tribute full of passion

22 par­ti­cipants from all over the world made it to be a part of the com­pil­a­tion. They all share the pas­sion to be a fan of the Pet Shop Boys. Each song really has a unique, new style. We’re thrilled by all submissions.

Parralox from Australia comes along with a super catchy ver­sion of ‘Flamboyant’, while Machinista from Sweden cov­ers ‘West And Girls’ in a groovy way. The bra­sili­an band Technique per­form­ing ‘So Hard’, and Lucifer’s Dream from the Netherlands cov­ers ‘One More Chance’ in a Minimal Electro style. Furthermore the com­pil­a­tion con­tains an EBM ver­sion of ‘Surburbia’ by cana­dian artist ‘nTTx’.

The com­pil­a­tion is full of gor­geous cov­er ver­sions from many inter­na­tion­ally well known bands of the dark elec­tron­ic music scene. We hope you will enjoy a whole new approach to all our beloved PSB-Songs and find a couple of new bands on this trib­ute which are surely worth a second glance.

The tracklist

  1. Machinista – West End Girls
  2. Parralox – Flamboyant
  3. Love? – Rent
  4. Twisted Destiny – Home And Dry
  5. Nerd Revolt – Minimal
  6. KNIGHT$ – Heart (Feat. Ys Atlov And Loic Rathscheck)
  7. Junksista – It’s A Sin
  8. La Femme Verte – Being Boring
  9. Presence | of | Mind – I’m With Stupid
  10. Retrogramme – Left To My Own Devices
  11. Alphamay – Can You Forgive Her?
  12. Lucifer’s Dream – One More Chance
  13. Atomzero – Opportunities
  14. Sad January – Love Comes Quickly
  15. Space March – Two Divided By Zero
  16. Technique – So Hard
  17. Ferrochrome – Psychological
  18. nTTx – Suburbia
  19. Foretaste – Love Is A Catastrophe
  20. Train To Spain – Domino Dancing
  21. Canal Pop – How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? (Feat. Arabescos)
  22. TourdeForce – Integral

Watch the official 'Prism' teaser here and now

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