Universe > Spirit (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)

Universe > Spirit (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)

The DM tribute continues …

Electrozombies is proud to present the second part of the possible best Depeche Mode tribute compilation ever made. ‘Universe Spirit’ is the name and also indicates the content. Because this tribute contains songs from the long-players ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ (2009), ‘Delta Machine’ (2013) and ‘Spirit’ (2017).

The most unique tribute, too

The concept behind this compilation was to make a tribute album that is outstanding on the world of the sheer endless Depeche Mode tributes. Of course we also love the old classics, but we wanted to have a more unique tribute compilation. We’re tired of listening to the ten thousandth cover version of ‘Enjoy The Silence’ or ‘Never Let Me Down Again’. There’s nothing new you can expect.

That’s why we decided to choose selected songs from the era without Alan Wilder in the band lineup. We think every single album from Depeche Mode is absolutely brilliant. Here we want to present the ‘less popular’ cover songs from devotees with passion to you.

What’s in the sequel?

Also the second part of our ‘Depeche Mode’ tribute contains a bunch of fabulous cover versions. It’s really hard to select a few to let you know what you can expect on this release.

Let’s start with the first official music video release of the compilation ‘Universe > Spirit (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)’. This one is done by the Dutch Synth Pop band ‘Model Depose‘ who created an awesome cover version of ‘Poison Heart‘ and filmed a intense and impressive music video for it.

‘So Much Love’ is reinterpreted by the German Electrorock band ‘Pre/Verse‘. You can hear with every beat how much heart blood is in this cover version. Black and Pink are the colours of the band. Analogue to this is the melt of the sound and lyrics. The result is a gloomy track in an upbeat mood.

For every one who had difficulties to get access into the song ‘Scum’ or simply did think it isn’t catchy enough, should listen to the brilliant version of the French Electropop band ‘Foretaste‘. These are just some examples of the wide variety of this tribute.

The tracklist

  1. The Static Architect – Going Backwards
  2. Model Depose – Poison Heart
  3. Pre/Verse – So Much Love
  4. Black Nail Cabaret – Alone
  5. Miranda Cartel – Heaven
  6. Foretaste – Scum
  7. Cosaquitos En Globo – Angel
  8. Mechatronic – Broken
  9. seaofsin – No More (This Is The Last Time)
  10. Noir – Come Back
  11. Elektro Departementet – Should Be Higher
  12. Train To Spain – Wrong
  13. IIOIOIOII – Soothe My Soul
  14. Alphamay – Where’s The Revolution

Release date

The tribute compilation will be released worldwide September 4th, 2017. In the first wave it will be available on the major digital channels iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Music. Support us by buying this tribute and enjoy all new interpretations on ‘Universe > Spirit’.

Watch the official ‘Universe > Spirit’ album teaser

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