Curation – An Electrozombies Tribute To The Cure

Curation - An Electrozombies Tribute To The Cure

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Cure

Almost unbelievable, but a true fact: The Cure celebrates their 40th anniversary this year. I guess this is a very good reason for paying tribute to this fantastic, dark and pioneering band from the UK.

The way to the final release was more difficult than our previous releases. However, we had feared that in advance. The more we are happy that a few well-known scene bands have worked passionately on this tribute. At this point, we would like to thank all those involved wholeheartedly.

Electronic and danceable Wave

The special feature of this ‘The Cure‘ Tribute is the strong electronic orientation of the genres it contains. This, in turn, gives ‘Curation’ the special character to rediscover the classics in a whole new light. The tracks are best suited to give more energy on the dance floor. Even if this is untypical for a classic The Cure song.

Once again it is a truly international work. The artists come from various European countries, including the USA, Argentina and Australia. And as stupid as it sounds, there are no highlights on this release as all the tracks are great reinterpretations of high quality.

The tracklist

  1. Fatal Aim – A Forest
  2. Eurotix – Let’s Go To Bed
  3. Train To Spain – Just Like Heaven
  4. Mördelin – Pictures Of You
  5. Human Lynx – Lovesong
  6. Parralox – Lullaby
  7. Palais Ideal – A Strange Day
  8. Twisted Destiny – The Walk
  9. Mechatronic – In Between Days
  10. Nerd Revolt – Never Enough
  11. Inazulina – Fascination Street

Release date

The tribute compilation will be released worldwide November 30th, 2018. It will be available on the major digital channels iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Music. Support us by buying this tribute and enjoy all new interpretations on ‘Curation – An Electrozombies Tribute To The Cure‘.

Get ‘Curation – An Electrozombies Tribute To The Cure here:

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