Synth Pop songs with colours in the title

Synth Pop songs with colours in the title

Find your Synth Pop song by colour

The black scene can also be col­our­ful, as long as it's black. Well, it's not that ser­i­ous, although the num­ber of songs with the col­our black already dom­in­ates the. But you surely didn't expect any­thing else, did you?

You need Synth Pop songs for a theme party that are sor­ted by col­our? You just like to dis­cov­er songs by col­our or you need a splash of col­our for your own Spotify playl­ist? Then you've come to the right place! Discover new and fant­ast­ic 'Synth Pop songs with col­ours in the title' now. Sorted by col­our for you.

Songs with the colour 'WHITE' in the title

1. Danny Blu – White (K)night (Watch music video)

2. Corlyx – White Wolf (Watch music video)

3. Eisfabrik – White Sheet

4. Eisfabrik – White Out

5. M.I.N.E – White Trash

6. De/Vision – Bleed Me White

7. Blutengel – White Wedding (Billy Idol Cover)

8. Apoptygma Berzerk – Coma White (Marilyn Manson Cover)

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Songs with the colour 'RED' in the title

1. Omnimar – Red (Watch music video)

2. Corlyx – We See Red (Watch music video)

3. Fractal Age – Red (Watch music video)

4. Unity One – Infrared (Watch music video)

5. Pet Shop Boys – A Red Letter Day

6. Duran Duran – Red Carpet Massacre

7. Apoptygma Berzerk – Deep Red

8. Red Storm – Red Storm (Watch music video)

9. Renate – Red Tape (Watch music video)

10. Death Loves Veronica – Red Leather (Watch music video)

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Songs with the colour 'BLUE' in the title

1. Robert DeLong – Favorite Color Is Blue (Feat. K.Flay) (Watch music video)

2. Kid Kasio – Full Moon Blue (Watch music video)

3. Chvrches – Clearest Blue (Watch music video)

4. Denormal – Cold Blue Fire (Watch music video)

5. Prides – Out Of The Blue (Watch music video)

6. De/Vision – Blue Moon (Watch music video)

7. New Order – Blue Monday

8. Depeche Mode – Blue Dress

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Songs with the colour 'GREEN' in the title

1. Cygnets – The Arbour Green (Watch music video)

Apoptygma Berzerk – Green Queen

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Songs with the colour 'GREY' in the title

1. Spiral69 – Colors And Grey (Watch music video)

2. Visage – Fade To Grey (Watch music video)

3. Rotersand – Grey (Light Grey)

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Songs with the colour 'BLACK' in the title

1. Oblique – Black Heart (Watch music video)

2. Eva X – Black Blood (Watch music video)

3. Dive – Black Star (Watch music video)

4. Ashbury Heights – Spectres From The Black Moss (Watch music video)

5. Honey Beard – Black Skies (Watch music video)

6. Powerman 5000 – Black Lipstick (Watch music video)

7. Steril – Black Jesus (Watch music video)

8. Model Depose – Blackstar (Watch music video)

9. The Anix – Black Space (Watch music video)

10 The Ting Tings – Blacklight (Watch music video)

11. Ash Code – Black Gloves (Watch music video)

12. Halo Effect – Love Is Black (Watch music video)

13. Alphamay – Black Parasite (Watch music video)

14. Prayers – Black Leather (Feat. Kat Von D) (Watch music video)

15. Aux Animaux – Black Holes (Watch music video)

16. Blutengel – Black (Watch music video)

17. Priest – History In Black (Watch music video)

18. K.Flay – Black Wave (Watch music video)

19. Amelia Arsenic – Carbon Black (Watch music video)

20. Insight – Woman In Black (Watch music video)

21. Aesthetic Perfection – The New Black (Watch music video)

22. Strobotron – Big Black Hole (Watch music video)

23. The Easton Ellises – Black Love (Watch music video)

24. Atari Teenage Riot – Black Flags (Watch music video)

25. West End Girls – A Little Black Dress (Watch music video)

26. Depeche Mode – Black Celebration

27. Depeche Mode – Dressed In Black

28. Slave Republic – Paint My Heart Black

29. Missing In Stars – Black Sun

30. Faderhead – Generation Black

31. Ashbury Heights – Shades Of Black

32. Ashbury Heights – Morningstar In A Black Car

33. Apoptygma Berzerk – Pitch Black / Heat Death

34. And One – Black Generation

35. Beborn Beton – The Black Hit Of Space (Human League Cover)

36. Parralox – The Black Hit Of Space (Human League Cover)

37. Vision Paname – Black Room (Watch music video)

38. Asperger Synthdrome – Black Religion (Watch music video)

39. Vivien Glass – Black Magic (Watch music video)

40. Sister Gracie – Black (Watch music video)

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Bonus: Songs with multiple colours in the title

1. Gunship – Black Blood Red Kiss (Feat. Kat Von D) (Watch music video)

2. Damsel In The Dollhouse – Black And Blue (Watch music video)

Dave Gahan – Black And Blue Again

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