Synth Pop songs with colours in the title

Synth Pop songs with colours in the title

Find your Synth Pop song by colour

The black scene can also be colourful, as long as it’s black. Well, it’s not that serious, although the number of songs with the colour black already dominates the. But you surely didn’t expect anything else, did you?

You need Synth Pop songs for a theme party that are sorted by colour? You just like to discover songs by colour or you need a splash of colour for your own Spotify playlist? Then you’ve come to the right place! Discover new and fantastic ‘Synth Pop songs with colours in the title’ now. Sorted by colour for you.

Songs with the colour ‘WHITE’ in the title

1. Danny Blu – White (K)night (Watch music video)

2. Corlyx – White Wolf (Watch music video)

3. Eisfabrik – White Sheet

4. Eisfabrik – White Out

5. M.I.N.E – White Trash

6. De/Vision – Bleed Me White

7. Blutengel – White Wedding (Billy Idol Cover)

8. Apoptygma Berzerk – Coma White (Marilyn Manson Cover)

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Songs with the colour ‘RED’ in the title

1. Omnimar – Red (Watch music video)

2. Corlyx – We See Red (Watch music video)

3. Fractal Age – Red (Watch music video)

4. Unity One – Infrared (Watch music video)

5. Pet Shop Boys – A Red Letter Day

6. Duran Duran – Red Carpet Massacre

7. Apoptygma Berzerk – Deep Red

8. Red Storm – Red Storm (Watch music video)

9. Renate – Red Tape (Watch music video)

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Songs with the colour ‘BLUE’ in the title

1. Robert DeLong – Favorite Color Is Blue (Feat. K.Flay) (Watch music video)

2. Kid Kasio – Full Moon Blue (Watch music video)

3. Chvrches – Clearest Blue (Watch music video)

4. Denormal – Cold Blue Fire (Watch music video)

5. Prides – Out Of The Blue (Watch music video)

6. De/Vision – Blue Moon (Watch music video)

7. New Order – Blue Monday

8. Depeche Mode – Blue Dress

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Songs with the colour ‘GREEN’ in the title

1. Cygnets – The Arbour Green (Watch music video)

Apoptygma Berzerk – Green Queen

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Songs with the colour ‘GREY’ in the title

1. Spiral69 – Colors And Grey (Watch music video)

2. Visage – Fade To Grey (Watch music video)

3. Rotersand – Grey (Light Grey)

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Songs with the colour ‘BLACK’ in the title

1. Oblique – Black Heart (Watch music video)

2. Eva X – Black Blood (Watch music video)

3. Dive – Black Star (Watch music video)

4. Ashbury Heights – Spectres From The Black Moss (Watch music video)

5. Honey Beard – Black Skies (Watch music video)

6. Powerman 5000 – Black Lipstick (Watch music video)

7. Steril – Black Jesus (Watch music video)

8. Model Depose – Blackstar (Watch music video)

9. The Anix – Black Space (Watch music video)

10 The Ting Tings – Blacklight (Watch music video)

11. Ash Code – Black Gloves (Watch music video)

12. Halo Effect – Love Is Black (Watch music video)

13. Alphamay – Black Parasite (Watch music video)

14. Prayers – Black Leather (Feat. Kat Von D) (Watch music video)

15. Aux Animaux – Black Holes (Watch music video)

16. Blutengel – Black (Watch music video)

17. Priest – History In Black (Watch music video)

18. K.Flay – Black Wave (Watch music video)

19. Amelia Arsenic – Carbon Black (Watch music video)

20. Insight – Woman In Black (Watch music video)

21. Aesthetic Perfection – The New Black (Watch music video)

22. Strobotron – Big Black Hole (Watch music video)

23. The Easton Ellises – Black Love (Watch music video)

24. Atari Teenage Riot – Black Flags (Watch music video)

25. West End Girls – A Little Black Dress (Watch music video)

26. Depeche Mode – Black Celebration

27. Depeche Mode – Dressed In Black

28. Slave Republic – Paint My Heart Black

29. Missing In Stars – Black Sun

30. Faderhead – Generation Black

31. Ashbury Heights – Shades Of Black

32. Ashbury Heights – Morningstar In A Black Car

33. Apoptygma Berzerk – Pitch Black / Heat Death

34. And One – Black Generation

35. Beborn Beton – The Black Hit Of Space (Human League Cover)

36. Parralox – The Black Hit Of Space (Human League Cover)

37. Vision Paname – Black Room (Watch music video)

38. Asperger Synthdrome – Black Religion (Watch music video)

39. Vivien Glass – Black Magic (Watch music video)

40. Sister Gracie – Black (Watch music video)

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Bonus: Songs with multiple colours in the title

1. Gunship – Black Blood Red Kiss (Feat. Kat Von D) (Watch music video)

2. Damsel In The Dollhouse – Black And Blue (Watch music video)

Dave Gahan – Black And Blue Again

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The complete Spotify playlist ‘Synth Pop songs with colours in the title’

Listen now to all the songs (as far as available on Spotify) in our playlist ‘Synth Pop songs with colours in the title’. And make sure to like and share the playlist with your friends.

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Looking for more colours?

You know suitable songs that would perfectly extend the list ‘Synth Pop songs with colours in the title’? Or do you even know a song whose colour is not listed here? Then just contact us by email or write it in the comments below. Please don’t leave comments saying that white and black are not colours. No one likes smart asses!

  1. Biomekkanik – White World
    Blume – Blackening
    Colony 5 – Black
    Dark-o-matic – Make Me Blue
    Diorama – Exit the Grey
    Edge Of Dawn – Black Heart (Beta)
    Edge Of Dawn – Red Bank (VF Remix)
    Gunship – Pink Mist
    Kanga – Going Red
    Konclever – Grey (I Still Remember)
    Kult of Red Pyramid – Bleu
    Machinista – The Blues And The Reds
    Michigan – Red Dawn
    Neonsol – Black Sunday
    Neuroticfish – Black Again
    Rational Youth – The Man in Grey 2019
    Seabound – Black Feathers
    Snow In China – Blackbox
    Sonic Reunion – Black Roses
    Strvngers – My Black Queen
    Syrian – Blue Moon
    THYX – Black Hole
    ZyniC – Dreams in Black and White

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