Discover 20 lost gems of 80's Synth Pop and Dark Wave

Discover 20 lost gems of 80's Synth Pop and Dark Wave

Time traveling to forgotten Synth Pop and Dark Wave music videos

Online you can find a lot of lists that prom­ise you 80s Synth Pop and Dark Wave hits. But lets face it, some­how it's always the same tracks, don't you think so? In the last few years I came across music videos from the 80s that I had com­pletely for­got­ten or totally missed.

Admittedly, the list includes not only scene songs, but also Electropop hits that have been played on main­stream radio. But the few songs in this list def­in­itely have a right to exist. They have aged excel­lently and are far from being as cheesy as I remem­ber them.

But enough of the small-talk, go explore and enjoy these fant­ast­ic songs and of course their music video creations.

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1. Koo Dé Tah – Think Of Me

Official music video 'Think Of Me' by 'Koo Dé Tah' taken from the same-titled album 'Koo Dé Tah' (1986).

Discogs inform­a­tion about the band: "Koo De Tah was a New Zealand/Australian pop music band of the 1980s. The core band mem­bers were Tina Cross (a nat­ive of New Zealand) and Leon Berger (Australian), who met in Sydney. […] The band's self-titled debut album was released in 1986. "Too Young For Promises" was fea­tured in the 1984 film "Streets Of Fire", star­ring Michael Paré and Diane Lane. The band was act­ive from 1984 to 1987.".

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2. Testcard F – Unfamiliar Room

Official music video 'Unfamilar Room' per­formed by 'Testcard F'is the b‑side of the Single 'Bandwagon Tango' (1983). This is a typ­ic­al New Wave / Synth Pop track of the early 80s with a nice Post Punk touch.

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3. The Twins – Love System

Official music video 'Love System' by German Synth-Pop band 'The Twins' taken from the album 'A Wild Romance' (1983). Sure, this track is a bit cheesy, but I really like this naïve 80s sum­mer / everything is good feeling.

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4. Den Harrow – Bad Boy

Official music video 'Bad Boy' by 80s girls' idol 'Den Harrow' taken from the debut album 'Overpower' (1985). This is rather a typ­ic­al Italo-Disco track from those days.

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5. Séance – Blue Dolphin Blue

Official music video 'Blue Dolphin Blue' per­formed by 'Séance' taken from the same-titled album 'Blue Dolphin Blue' (1988). If you like this song, we have good news for you. After over 30 years the band has released a new album called 'Where We Came From' (2020). The guys also pro­duced a new music video with the same name. Watch it right here.

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6. OFF – Step By Step

Official music video 'Step By Step' by 'OFF' taken from the album 'Organisation For Fun' (1988). If the sing­er looks famil­i­ar to you, then don't be sur­prised. It is nobody less than the Techno icon 'Sven Väth'.

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7. Clan Of Xymox – A Day

Offical music video 'A Day' by Dark Wave band 'Clan Of Xymox' taken from the self-titled album 'Clan Of Xymox' (1985). Everybody knows the Dark Wave vet­er­an from the Netherlands, of course, but this early work was actu­ally not known to me until recently.

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8. The Human League – Open Your Heart

Official music video 'Open Your Heart' per­formed by 'The Human League' taken from the clas­sic album 'Dare' (1981). When it comes to 80 years of synth pop clas­sics, 'The Human League' is always involved. But mostly with the song 'Don't You Want Me' and if it's a bit fancy then with 'Fascination'. But this band offers so many fant­ast­ic songs and I recom­mend to listen to the dis­co­graphy for example on Spotify. You will dis­cov­er some music­al pearls here. Promise!

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9. Peter Schilling – The Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime)

Official music video 'The Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime)' per­formd by 'Peter Schilling' taken from the same-titled Single 'The Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime)' (1989). 'Major Tom' is his music­al heir to whom we all dance. In his dis­co­graphy, how­ever, you can also find oth­er won­der­ful songs.

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10. Nick Kamen – Each Time You Break My Heart

Official music video 'Each Time You Break My Heart' by 'Nick Kamen' taken from the self-titled album 'Nick Kamen' (1987). I had com­pletely erased the song from my memory. A pity, even if the song is rather main­stream and a bit cheesy. But the melody cap­tured me at first hear­ing. This is also one of those songs where you say: "The song can't influ­ence me at all or catch my atten­tion", and then you have a ear­worm for weeks.

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11. Hubert Kah – Angel 07

Official music video 'Angel 07' by 'Hubert Kah' taken from the album 'Tensongs' (1986). The ori­gin­al was a German NDW hit with the title 'Engel 07'. Due to the great suc­cess, this and oth­er songs were re-recor­ded in English for an inter­na­tion­al audience.

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12. Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts

Official music video 'Two Of Hearts' per­formed by 'Stacey Q' taken from the album 'Better Than Heaven' (1986). Honestly, I com­pletely missed this song in the 80's. But I don't think it's bad.

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13. OMD – Telegraph

Official music video 'Telegraph' by British Synth Pop band 'OMD' taken from the album 'Dazzle Ships' (1983). Also this excel­lent band is doomed to appear in 'Best of' lists only with the songs 'Maid Of Orleans' or 'Electricity'. Without any ques­tion these are great songs, but the band offers so much more. Go on a jour­ney of dis­cov­ery now!

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14. Heaven 17 – Temptation

Official music video 'Temptation' per­formed by 'Heaven 17' taken from the album 'The Luxury Gap' (1983). Okay, admit­tedly, this song is of course a famil­i­ar num­ber to most people. At least it should be. In this case I'm espe­cially fas­cin­ated by the music video, which is as typ­ic­al 80s as it can be.

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15. Pet Shop Boys – Left To My Own Devices

Official music video 'Left To My Own Devices' by British Synth Pop icons 'Pet Shop Boys' taken from the album 'Introspective'. I guess, I don't even need to men­tion the usu­al sus­pi­cious clas­sics of the Pet Shop Boys here. The song 'Left To My Own Devices' is one of my ever­green favour­ite Pet Shop Boys songs and I think most of you might not even know the fant­ast­ic music video for it. So have joy watch­ing it.

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16. Futurisk – Army Now

Official music video 'Army Now' by 'Futurisk' taken from the album 'The Sound Of Futurism 1980 / Army Now' (1980). This song is also more of a ran­dom dis­cov­ery. At the abso­lute height of the Post-Punk era this power­ful song was created.

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17. A Split Second – Flesh

Official music video 'Flesh' by 'A Split Second' taken from the same-titled EP 'Flesh' (1986).

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18. Blancmange – Blind Vision

Official music video 'Blind Vision' per­formed by 'Blancmange' taken from the album 'Mange Tout (1983). 'Blancmange' also has the typ­ic­al clas­sics in stock. For example 'Living On The Ceiling' or the mag­ni­fi­cent 'ABBA' cov­er 'The Day Before You Came'. If you like the song presen­ted here, a voy­age of dis­cov­ery is also a clear recommendation.

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19. Kas Product – Never Come Back

Official music video 'Never Come Back' by 'Kas Product' taken from the album 'Try Out' (1980). Neither from the band nor the song, I have heard any­thing before mak­ing this list. This video was sug­ges­ted to me in my last research steps. Thanks YouTube! Who knows this song or the band? Please let me know in the com­ments below.

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20. Malaria – You, You

Official music video 'You, You' by German band 'Malaria' taken from the album '…Revisited' (1983). It all star­ted with that video. It was the first dis­cov­ery for this new list and fin­ish with this New Wave clas­sic here.

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Did you like the list?

I thank you for par­ti­cip­at­ing in this jour­ney into the past. Furthermore, I hope that you, like me (as long as you are old enough), have relived some won­der­ful memor­ies of the past.

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