10 bands with bigger beats than ‘The Prodigy’ that are gonna kick your ass!

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When the apprentice beats the master

A few words before I get stoned by some ‘The Prodigy’ fanatics

I’m a huge fan of ‘Prodigy’ for more than 20 years now, and I really love and respect the band. In this article, I’d like to introduce bands with comparable radical and aggressive sound power. I think it’s about time, because every time a new band hits a ‘big beat’ people say: “That sounds almost like ‘The Prodigy’.”. I’m really grateful for what ‘The Prodigy’ has done for the electronic music scene, but they are not the Uber-Ones who invented music itself.

Anyway, here are some bands that deserve the same respect for their music-style as ‘The Prodigy’ does. Please also keep in mind that this list is no ranking. I hope you enjoy it, and maybe you’ll find some new music that is going to kick your ass.


protafield_logo1. Protafield

I got to know the band accidentally by receiving their promo CD ‘Nemesis’ around 2 years ago. And to be honest I didn’t even know a thing about ‘Jayce Lewis’, founder and singer of Protafield. Just check out his discography and you´ll see. As I listened to ‘Nemesis’ the bombastic sound left a big impact on me. The opener ‘God-Forced‘ is already a 5-star rating track, but I fell deeply in love with the second song ‘Severe Sever‘. This one is a true dancefloor masterpiece. Overall the whole album entertains with groundbreaking beats and highly dynamical sounds.


Official Protafield channels:


Watch the music video ‘Protafield – Severe Sever’ now:


hadouken_logo2. Hadouken!

The UK based band ‘Hadouken!’ defines their music as dance-punk/new rave. I think it’s hard to describe their music. You can find a bunch of influences in their songs, and they vary really widely. From Drum’n’Bass to Electrorock – Almost everything is possible for this band.

hadouken_official_pr_photo‘Hadouken!’ started back in 2006 as a fun project, but became fast much bigger than they expected. Until now they released three fantastic long-players, amongst it the brilliant album ‘Every Weekend‘ which contains the fabulous track ‘Oxygen‘. Unfortunately they are having a break for an indefinite time. I hope they will find together soon and continue their career.


Official Hadouken! channels:




Watch the music video ‘Hadouken! – Oxygen’ now:


angelspit_logo3. Angelspit

Electropunk, Cybergoth, and Industrial are just a few genres to attempt a description of Angelspit’s music style. In general, the founders of ‘Angelspit’ Karl Learmont (Zoog) and Amelia Tan (Destroyx) are quite uncompromising in terms of musical creativity. My first contact with Angelspit was the music video ‘Toxic Girl‘ back in 2011, and this one has it all: A very raw sound paired with aggressive beats and samples.

angelspit_-_carbon_beautyFor me it’s hard to listen to a complete Angelspit album at a time, but each song on its own works perfectly for a good night on the dancefloor.

Official Angelspit channels:


Watch the music video ‘Angelspit – Toxic Girl (Uncensored Version)’ now:

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chemical_sweet_kid_logo4. Chemical Sweet Kid

So far I didn´t pay attention to ‘Chemical Sweet Kid’. I’m not the typical Industrial Metal Fan. However, the music video ‘Kiss My Hate‘ impressed me highly. This track is taken from the album ‘The Speed Of Time’ and it’s outstanding. If I´d have had to make the choice which one might become a single, I´d have chosen ‘Kiss My Hate’ as well.

chemical_sweet_kid_-_the_speed_of_timePersonally I hope they stick to electronic sounds and big beats. This track has the potential to come up to a ‘The Prodigy’ track.

Official Chemical Sweet Kid channels:


Watch the music video ‘Chemical Sweet Kid – Kiss My Hate’ now:


transmitter_logo5. Transmitter

The first time I got in touch with Transmitter was on a small festival in Viersen, Germany. They were the evening´s last band and they only had a time frame of 30-40 minutes. Before them the over-hyped headliner ‘Everlast’ bored the audience almost to death, so that  most of the crowd simply left the area during his everlasting 2 hour set. And suddenly there is Transmitter: “BOOOOMM!!!”. Big beats and a very energetic gig. Everyone was hypnotized by the show and music. Really fast they filled the area again. Personally I don’t like Hip Hop music, but these beats, rhythms and tunes catch me irresistibly.

transmitter_band“In the world of Biochemistry and physics a Transmitter is classified as a connecting element, but since the start of the millenium, 3 guys from Hanover and Newcastle have been using the term to define their own music – an unbelievable energetic exciting mixture of all styles and genres. ‘Transmitter’ unite, combine and bring together – not only different sounds and styles of music like Electro, Hip-Hop, Dance, Rock, Drum ‘n’ Bass or reggae, …” (taken from official Transmitter homepage)

Official Transmitter channels:


Check out their own online store here: shop.transmittermusic.de

Watch the music video ‘Transmitter – Crossed Swords’ now:


the_qemists_logo6. The Qemists

‘It doesn’t matter what they say‘ but ‘Run You‘ is a hell of a track. This is a hit single with explosive beats and taken from the great album ‘Warrior Sound‘ that I reviewed a while ago. I already loved the precursor album ‘Spirit In The System’ from 2010 with the single ‘Take It Back‘ featuring Enter Shikari. And I have to say that ‘Warrior Sound’ is a fantastic successor.

the_qemists_-_warrior_soundThe Qemists are an electronic music group from Brighton, United Kingdom. They mix all kinds of music elements like Electro, Drum And Bass, Big Beat, Breakbeat, Electrorock, and Rave in an unbelievably creative way. You should definitely give it a try and listen.

Official The Qemists channels:



Watch the music video ‘The Qemists – Run You’ now:


die_antwoord_logo7. Die Antwoord

I was incredibly confused when I saw the first disturbing music video of ‘Die Antwoord’. At the same time I was also fascinated by the visual aesthetics and the hot electronic beats. Actually, I had decided not to like ‘Die Antwoord’, because a major part of their music is Hip Hop. However, I changed my mind to view at least all music videos which are truly outstandingly great. And somehow the beats have stayed in my mind for weeks. Then I reminded myself of the Electrozombies claim ‘Undead And Open-Minded’. So I listened to the songs again open-minded, and I definitely start to love their songs.

die_antwoord_-_donker_magOfficial Die Antwoord channels:



Watch the music video ‘Die Antwoord – Pitbull Terrier’ now:

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atari_teenage_riot_logo8. Atari Teenage Riot

You ask yourself why I put a famous band like ‘Atari Teenage Riot’ on this list? Well, I noticed that many young people just don’t know ‘ATR’. And I think they are just as essential a band as ‘The Prodigy’. For almost 25 years now they´re enriching us with their self-invented music genre digital hardcore, which is a mixture between techno and punk. Most lyrics are politically motivated, and the average speed seems to be around 160-180 BPM.

atari_teenage_riot_-_is_this_hyerrealIn order not to swamp you musically, I chose ‘Black Flags‘ which comes as close to a ballad as ‘Atari Teenage Riot’ will ever get. It still has an aggressive and full, fat boom beat, which can easily challenge the music of ‘The Prodigy’. The track ‘Black Flags’ is taken from the 2011 album ‘Is This Hyerreal?’.

Official Atari Teenage Riot channels:



Watch the music video ‘Atari Teenage Riot – Black Flags’ now:


enter_shikari_logo9. Enter Shikari

Maybe most of my readers might not like this entry, because of the heavy use of guitar and rock elements. I think ‘Enter Shikari’ can face ‘The Prodigy’ without hesitation. In fact they also use synthesizers and samples in their music, and they sound really cool. Also the attitude of the music and the band members are similar to Liam Howlett’s band. Independent, radical and energetic!

enter-shikari_-_a-flash-flood-of-colourI love the band since their debut called ‘Take Me To The Skies’ from 2007. But I also would like to suggest the album ‘The Flash Flood Of Colour‘ for which I wrote a track by track review.

Official Enter Shikari channels:



Watch the music video ‘Enter Shikari – Quelle Surprise’ now:


korn_logo10. Korn Feat. Skrillex & Kill The Noise

The almost final entry is unfortunately an one-time fusion of three great bands. The song ‘Narcissistic Cannibal‘ is a groundbreaking masterpiece of crossover style. And especially in this one it works out fantastically. The new metal band ‘Korn’ collaborates with dubstep youngsters ‘Skrillex’ and ‘Kill The Noise’. This track is taken from the album ‘The Path Of Totality‘ where Korn also cooperates with other bands from the electronic music scene.

korn_-_the_path_of_totalityI think ‘The Path Of Totality‘ is the best Korn album ever! Korn has a unique sound of which they can be proud, but the last few albums became more and more insignificant. With these strong electronic elements the typical Korn sound came to a new life.

Official Korn channels:



Watch the music video ‘Korn (feat. Skrillex & Kill The Noise) – Narcissistic Cannibal’ now:


BONUS CONTENT! After listining to 10 great bands let´s compare with the heroes of this article – ‘The Prodigy’


the_prodigy_logo_55The Prodigy

There is not much to say about ‘The Prodigy’. They´ve simply written already music history, and their career isn’t over yet. They inspired a lot of bands, and had and still have a huge influence on the electronic music scene. But there are some final thoughts I want to utter shortly.

the_prodigy_band_photoAs last track I choose the song ‘Breathe‘ from 1996. The song is almost 20 years old, but it still sounds fresh. Why I chose this song you may ask? Well, the song ‘Firestarter’ is definitely over-used, but it’s still a quite good song. All the ‘newer tracks’ (after ‘The Fat Of The Land’) don’t show the revolutionary idea behind ‘The Prodigy’, as clearly as the songs did 20 years ago. All earlier songs were somehow embedded within the initial 90s techno hype. If they had stopped making music after ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’, I guess people would remember them as an usual band of the techno movement, and otherwise would have forgotten them pretty fast.

Continuing after the big hype and focusing on their own style makes them what ‘The Prodigy’ is today. One of the greatest ‘big beat’ bands in the world.

Official The Prodigy channels:


Watch the music video ‘The Prodigy – Breathe’ now:


Enjoy the whole playlist on Spotify



You know more similar bands? Maybe even more extreme?

Please share your thoughts in the comments. If you think, I forgot something or you just want to suggest other related bands, feel invited to use the comment section below! Watch out for more lists coming soon.

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  1. I was really disappointed in this list. None are as good as prodigy. But still was worth checking them out. HADOUKEN has some good prodigyesque songs. More of the no tourists feel

    1. “Bigger beats” than the Prodigy yeah sure… I think you just need to accept despite a couple of songs it is very hard to reach Prodigy level consistently. Liam Howlett is like Mozart on acid, a genious able to fit together breakbeat, bigbeat, punk, funk, hiphop, rave, trash, dance, rock, metal and elements of drum and bass in the same albums with songs that sound consistent to each other, but at the same time every album has a different flavour. I’m sorry but you will not find that unique “post-nuclear funky punky” sound anywhere else. Not to mention the scenic performances by Keith Flint and Maxim on stage. That is where the gap spreads even more. Pure energy, engagement,they make you scream like crazy they make you feel indistructible.. pure in your face adrenaline.. it’s an experience. About groups you mentioned here I like to keep Korn different from the Prodigy because they are. Korn are an unique nu metal band with a charismatic noir-psychodrama-matrix leader Jonathan Davis. They have their own signature sound even if nowdays Skrillex added some lazers.

      The Quemists and Zardonic are more into drum n bass with the fusion of metal wich is very cool, I quite like them for what they are but again it’s different, no funky rave elements, no breakbeat/ bigbeat, no mc Maxim style, no punk Keith Flint style.

      My advice for people is to stop looking for a Prodigy replacement. You will not find it. Buy all their albums and create your own plalist mixing stuff from other people, Pendulum, Noisia if you are into drum and bass, Zardonic The Quemists, are ok for metal-drumnbass, listen to neurofunk.

      For breakbeat lovers you have to go back to the 90’s. Again don’t expect the Prodigy sound but Crystal Method Vegas album is a very good one with proper 303 riffs and well made beats. Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole and Surrender are good enough. Bomfunk Mc’s are very cool, they sound oldschool-hiphop-breakbeat-futuristic. Fatboy Slim you’ve come a long way.

      For metal heads, listen to Metallica, Disturbed, Slipknot.

      For rap hiphop mixed with rock listen Nu Metal 90’s 2k. Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, P.O.D., Papa Roach,

      Unique Nu Metal band for psycodrama industrial noir: Korn

      Synthpop futurepop EBM: Apotygma Berzerk

  2. I think you can add the swedish band Rave the Reqviem to the list. Their first album really got it all – especially the “Ikaros” track. Turn the volume up. They are in the making of a 2nd album.

    1. I know this comment was over a year ago now, but I just have to say thanks for the suggestion! I checked out Rave the Reqviem after reading this and I was almost instantly in love :3

  3. Protafield is incredible!! Totally agree that they were groundbreaking, but being a devoted Jayce Lewis fan we all knew it was really Jayce, just with a new name change. 10/10

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