THE BRUTE : new Single + Short Music Film + Debut Album

THE BRUTE : new Single + Short Music Film + Debut Album

The Brute : is an Electronica music group and com­bines pro­gress­ive elec­tron­ic sound with haunt­ing vocals, won­der­ful melod­ies and a melange of Synthpop, Blues, Industrial and Rock influ­ences. The Brute: was launched in 2018 by Daniel Gierke. The songs of The Brute : con­tain echoes of clas­sic elec­tron­ic bands but giv­en a more mod­ern touch made for a main­stream audi­ence and come along with a mix of driv­ing bass lines, atmo­spher­ic vocals and lyr­ics that gain new mean­ings with each listen.

"Driving To You" is already the fourth single of the music pro­ject after it was foun­ded in 2018 and will also be released as an EP on CD in stores. The single EP will con­tain some remixes as well as the soundtrack of the short music film "Momentum To Die". Just in time for the digit­al release of the single on October 8th, 2021, there will be a sen­sa­tion­al video with excerpts from the film.

The Brute - Brute : One
Debut album 'Brute : One' by 'The Brute'

The Brute debut album release

Shortly after the single, the debut album "Brute: One" will be released digit­ally and on CD in stores on November 19, 2021. The album will fea­ture revised singles that have already been released and com­pletely new songs. The nine tracks are a var­ied jour­ney through the sounds of elec­tron­ic music, from songs with more rock rhythms like “Driving To You” to pop with catchy melod­ies like “Lonesome Hero”, calm songs like “Rain” and exper­i­ment­al pieces with indus­tri­al-like sounds like "Lost", which are car­ried through atmo­sphere but above all through the var­ied voice of Daniel Gierke.

Momentum To Die a short music film by The Brute

Also on November 19th, 2021, the pas­sion­ate dream and film pro­ject "Momentum To Die" by Daniel Gierke, the mas­ter­mind behind The Brute :, will be pub­lished. It is short music film of around 18 minutes in length, which is rearranged with sounds and melod­ies from the debut album and accom­pan­ied as film music. The film was shot in autumn 2018 on the ori­gin­al film sets of the clas­sic movie James Bond Goldfinger in the Swiss moun­tains with kind sup­port of the Swiss Army, which provided the former moun­tain fort­ress Sasso Grand Gottardo on the fam­ous Gotthard Pass for the final shots. Significantly, the music film is The Brute: ’s homage to old spy movies from the 60s and 70s com­ple­men­ted by a mod­ern elec­tron­ic sound.

Due to the pan­dem­ic, The Brute: decided not to go to con­certs in 2020 and 2021 and instead focused on stu­dio work. But it should go on stage in 2022. The Brute : is right now again in the stu­dio and works already on a new pro­ject, which will be released in Spring next year.

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