Album release: Saigon Blue Rain – Pink Obsession

Saigon Blue Rain - Pink Obsession

Saigon Blue Rain, formerly Stupid Bitch Reject was formed in Paris, France, at the end of 2012 by Ophelia and Franck. Their first self-titled EP, released in 2013 has been crit­ic­ally acclaimed. They released two fur­ther albums between 2014 and 2016 (What I Don't See and Noire Psyché) which gave them the oppor­tun­ity to per­form at fam­ous dark fest­ivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen or NCN Festival and to sup­port the Swiss band The Beauty of Gemina on their German tour.

At their begin­ning, the duo used to com­bine Cold-Wave and Ethereal-Wave, inspired by bands like The Cure, And Also The Trees or Cocteau Twins, melt­ing their sound with Shoegaze influ­ences. With their third album, Pink Obsession – released today by Hungarian label Dichronaut Records – that SBR's work draws a water­shed moment, their music became more anchored into pop and elec­tron­ic sounds.

Saigon Blue Rain (Promo photo 2018)
Saigon Blue Rain (Promo photo 2018 by Anaïs Novembre)

Pink Obsession, the third album of the band is leav­ing these sombre and con­crete waters to embrace arti­fi­cial spark­ling neon skies. Indeed, synth is get­ting its full scope push­ing inten­tion­ally gui­tars into the emo­tion­al back­ground, where­as vocals are becom­ing prom­in­ent, leav­ing eth­er­e­al scales and send­ing out a shame­less mes­sage to the listener's ear, like interi­or voices in BPD or We Ask For Pain. The elec­tro-pop tone dom­in­ates to deliv­er col­our­ful land­scapes like so many states of mind, some­times marred by a few recol­lec­tions from the past incarn­ated by a little child's voice on Solstice, still implor­ing or aven­ging gui­tars on Incubus Mine. Like a slow relief pro­cess towards light­ness of being, pink col­our is the new black.


  1. BPD
  2. We Ask For Pain
  3. The Valley Knows All My Secrets
  4. Carillon Heart
  5. Pink Obsession
  6. Incantation
  7. 2:16
  8. Incubus Mine
  9. Solstice

Listen to the full album now!

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