IIOIOIOII expand his ‘Post Brimstone EP’

IIOIOIOII_Post_Brimstone_Expanded_EditionIIOIOIOII to release an expanded and remastered edition of his Post Brimstone EP on Manchester’s AnalogueTrash

Conceptualised and formed in 2012 on a corner desk of a bedroom in Charlotte, North Carolina, ‘IIOIOIOII‘ (simply pronounced I.O.) is the brainchild of one Chris Gurney – a prolific producer and songwriter who is well known within the international electronic music community for his original tracks and remix work.

Initially a low-key, 5 track digital only release in 2015, the expanded edition of ‘Post Brimstone’ includes all five original tracks plus the brand new song ‘In Disguise’ and diverse and innovative selection of remixes from ‘Avarice in Audio’, ‘SØLVE’ and label mates ‘Nature of Wires’. Down tempo, emotive electronica that is sometimes bright and uplifting, sometimes dark and brooding – lay back, grab your favourite pair of headphones and let ‘IIOIOIOII‘ take you on a journey into his bittersweet world.

IIOIOIOII_Promo2Outside of the studio it’s been an exciting 12 months for ‘IIOIOIOII‘ as Chris has taken the project live, performing alongside cult US acts ‘Crunk Witch’, ‘Astari Nite‘ and ‘Peelander Z’ among others. ‘Post Brimstone [Expanded Edition]’ is officially released on the 26th of August 2016 in digital and limited cassette editions. A brand new, full length album is currently in production.

Furthermore Chris also participate this year on the Electrozombies release ‘Apop We Love You – A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk‘ that is out now on all major digital channels. He take part with a wonderful version of ‘Kathy’s Song (Come Lie Next To Me)’.

The tracklist:

  1. Face Them All
  2. We Are the One (Click to watch music video)
  3. Second Chance
  4. One Moment
  5. Until There’s Nothing Left of Us
  6. In Disguise
  7. One Moment (Nature of Wires Remix)
  8. We Are the One (Avarice in Audio Remix)
  9. Second Chance (SØLVE Remix)