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Alphamay The Simulation Hypothesis

The Simulation Hypothesis

'The Simulation Hypothesis' is the name of the com­ing 'Alphamay' album. It marks the final chapter of the 'Dazzle Trilogy' and is the sequel to the cel­eb­rated album 'Twisted Lines' which entered the German Alternative Charts` top 10 twice in early 2016, peak­ing at #7.

A trilogy comes to an end

'The Simulation Hypothesis' picks up the story where 'Dazzle Camouflage' ended. It is an album about the many facets of one's own per­son­al­ity observed from the dif­fer­ent angles of per­cep­tion in our mod­ern times, both phys­ic­al and digit­al in nature.

The jour­ney star­ted three years ago with the obser­va­tion of today's tend­en­cies to cre­ate masks and avatars to cam­ou­flage one's per­son­al­ity. It con­tin­ued one album later with the twis­ted lines our lives take.

Now 'The Simulation Hypothesis' marks the con­clu­sion of everything ask­ing the all import­ant ques­tions: "Are we more than what we see? Is there a back­side to the mir­rors of our perception?".

Originality wins in the end

'Alphamay' has grown to be one of the most inter­est­ing con­tem­por­ary elec­tro pop bands. Their unique blend of mod­ern syn­thes­izer sounds com­bined with the glor­i­ous sounds and sound­scapes of the pion­eer­ing days back in the 80ies has become a style of it's own and fas­cin­ates more and more listen­ers and con­cert goers.

The res­ult­ing music bridges from clas­sic synth pop that keeps the crowds on the dance floor to spher­ic­al, dark sound­scapes of romantic melancholy.

Having been award with a price in the cat­egory „Best Electro Pop Act“ at last year`s German Rock and Pop Awards, 'Alphamay' is look­ing for­ward to a bright future. Their upcom­ing tour takes them all over Germany.

Tracklist of 'The Simulation Hypnothesis'

Alphamay - Press photo 2017
Alphamay – Press photo 2017
  1. Missing Me
  2. Decay Of A Dream
  3. Fractures Of Reality
  4. The Pilgrims Weep
  5. Flat Earth Flat Head
  6. Suspended Animation
  7. Simulation Street
  8. Bound To Dance
  9. Counting Stars
  10. Serenity
  11. No Good Bye

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