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Scandroid Dreams Of Neo Tokyo

The US label FiXT releases Scandroid remix album

Following the inter­na­tion­al suc­cess of the debut Scandroid album (Top 10 iTunes Electronic Album USA, Russia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia & #5 Billboard Electronic Album), each vocal track from the eponym­ous release has received offi­cial remixes that take the syn­thwave epic to new hori­zons on "Dreams of Neo-Tokyo.".

Available in mul­tiple formats, includ­ing Limited Edition Cassette, so grab your Walkman and crank this album to 11 with remixes from Blue Stahli, Dance With The Dead, Daniel Deluxe, d.notive, GosT, Makeup and Vanity Set, Maks_SF, PYLOT, Scandroid & Waveshaper. The offi­cial release date is set to March 31th, 2017.

For fans of

Kavinsky, Perturbator, GosT, Com Truise, PYLOT, Gunship, Dance With The Dead, Miami Nights 1984, Lazerhawk, Waveshaper, Mitch Murder, Tesla Boy, Megadrive, VHS Dreams, Timecop1983, Daniel Deluxe, d.notive

Track List:

  1. Neo Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix)
  2. Shout (Blue Stahli Remix)
  3. Awakening With You (PYLOT Remix)
  4. Connection (Scandroid Remix)
  5. Eden (Waveshaper Remix)
  6. Aphelion (Maks_SF Remix)
  7. Empty Streets (GosT Remix)
  8. Pro-bots & Robophobes (Daniel Deluxe Remix)
  9. Salvation Code (Makeup and Vanity Set Remix)
  10. Datastream (d.notive Remix)

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