New 'Twisted Destiny' album pops out of the nothing

The upcoming Twisted Destiny album called Offlife

Twisted Destiny - Offlife cover artworkIt happens without any warning …

2016 – 5 Years of Twisted Destiny, and time takes to release the 3rd album called "Offlife".

Again there is no defin­ing genre to describe the sound of this release. It com­bines dif­fer­ent types and styles of the elec­tro scene and also adds some new ele­ments to the typ­ic­al twis­ted sound. As a res­ult of the friend­ship, there is a fea­ture with Mr.Kitty on Offlife.

Twisted Destiny put togeth­er a total of 75mins and as a spe­cial cre­ated a new ver­sion of their last EP's title track "Love & Hate" which drives the song in a com­pletly dif­fer­ent dir­ec­tion. The song Love & Hate is also avail­able at the free Electrozombies MP3 com­pil­a­tion Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 1. Just down­load it and listen to this Twisted Destiny smash hit.

The album will be released on June 15th and is digit­al avail­able on all plat­forms. You can find the dir­ect links for Amazon MP3 and iTunes beneath this art­icle. The CD ver­sion can be ordered dir­ectly via the band, you can find all inform­a­tions on the Twisted Destiny Facebook fan­page.

And that's not all! As big Apoptygma Berzerk fans, Twisted Destiny are also par­ti­cipants of the upcom­ing trib­ute Apop We Love You – A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk. They will con­trib­ute on this trib­ute with the hit single Suffer In Silence. The album Apop We Love You has the inten­ded release date of the 15th July 2016, and will be avail­able on all major digit­al dis­tri­bu­tion ways.

Watch and listen to the album preview


  1. Prologue
  2. Offlife
  3. Alles auf Anfang
  4. In Space
  5. Voices
  6. Breakdown
  7. Let’s Play
  8. The Queen
  9. Home
  10. Lifehack
  11. Possessed (feat. Mr. Kitty)
  12. Restart
  13. Mehr als du bist
  14. Final Breath
  15. Aerosexual
  16. Brich Aus!
  17. Love & Hate V2

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