We Are Machine Pop Vol.3

A new ‘Kraftwerk-esque’ compilation out soon

Finally! It’s the time of the year when Team Plonk gather to the release a compilation to tell the world about the wonderfull sound of Machine Pop. A sound constantly developing from the main inspiration of Kraftwerk and the Düsseldorf school of electronic music.

We_Are_Machine_Pop_3On the third compilation we’re proud to have widen our perspectives both sonically and geographically. Zeitmodelle is our first Finnish/Russian contributor and just like the latest Plonk artist Niels Gordon he gets his inspiration from early 70s Düsseldorf. Other news on the compilation are Z:Industries and Modulation which have a rhythmic respective melodic take to their electro sound.

From the previous compilations we’re glad to present favourites like Deutsche Bank, Kretz, DATAPOP, Sector One, Maschine Brennt, Unisonlab, Tobitron and Neon. All with fresh Machine Pop tracks produced exclusively for this compilation.

Release date is set to December the 1st and the album will be available on all digital platforms.

Watch the official teaser

About Plonk

Plonk is a label and community of artists within the electronic music and Machine Pop scene. All artists release music of their own while using the different strengths of community.

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