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We 'looking skyward' to Mesh's forthcoming album

mesh looking skywardMesh's album "Looking Skyward" will be released in 4 different configurations!

A whole load news from the MESH camp there today: The pre­s­ale for new Mesh album "Looking Skyward" begins today, and the album is now on ready to pre­order. Overall, the long awaited album "Looking Skyward" appears dir­ectly in four dif­fer­ent edi­tions: as a reg­u­lar CD, as a lim­ited double vinyl in 180 grams press­ing and spe­cial vinyl mas­ter­ing, as "Artbook 2 CD Edition" in a hard­cov­er art­book with 48 page book­let, pho­tos and Lyrics and a 6‑track bonus CD, and last but not least for the die-hard fans to just 500 cop­ies lim­ited edi­tion box with 2 CD art­book and double vinyl and hand-numbered certificate.

Everything will be released on August 26th, 2016, and we can only say that the anti­cip­a­tion is more than jus­ti­fied. If you among so many pre-announce­ments, still miss­ing a bit Audio: There is a new video teas­er for Mesh – single "Kill Your Darlings". The com­plete video will be released shortly, and also be pub­lished on this website.

Watch the teaser of Kill Your Darlings now

Last but not least, a statement by Mark and Rich, to the completion of the album.

"We really set our sights high and have poured our hearts and souls into cre­at­ing “Looking Skyward”. The album takes you on a jour­ney of energy and emo­tion set to a mov­ing sound­scape of elec­tron­ics, driv­ing rhythms, atmo­spheres, samples and noise.
We set out to push ourselves as far as we could and pro­duce an album that we would want to own and love. We hope that we have achieved our goal and that you all enjoy the res­ults for many years to come." Looking Skyward, Mark und Rich.

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