Celebrate the dystopian future with Lorelei Dreaming's debut release 'Banshee'

Lorelei Dreaming Banshee

An awesome 'Angelspit' production is coming to you soon

Produced and com­posed by Angelspit's Zoog Von Rock, 'Banshee' is Lorelei Dreaming’s debut EP with 5 tracks and 11 remixes, set to release on May 1, 2017. The release is cel­eb­ra­tion of the dysto­pi­an future with remixes from 'Go Fight', 'The Rain Within', 'Stoneburner', 'The Sweetest Condition' and many more. 'Lorelei Dreaming' spent 2015 and 2016 record­ing and per­form­ing with 'Angelspit', 'Velvet Acid Christ' and 'Go-Fight'.

Personal comments about the release

"The future is uncer­tain – but what is cer­tain is that music and dance will con­tin­ue to be integ­ral to our com­munity in the face of adversity. Now more than ever, we need to cel­eb­rate our diversity and come togeth­er through dance and music. The grim future nev­er soun­ded so good!" – Lorelei

Lorelei - Press Photo
Press Photo

"We both love 'Gary Numan', 'Goldfrapp', 'Depeche Mode' – future pop with a twist of dark­ness, which we call Dystopian Future Pop. We're work­ing to cre­ate music based around what Laura nat­ur­ally does, vocals that are a little sul­try and eth­er­e­al." – Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit

The songs of 'Lorelei Dreaming' hinge on mis­chief, dis­sent, push­ing out ever fur­ther, and at times get glibly political.


  1. Scream With Me
  2. Volcano
  3. Edge Of The World
  4. Echo Chamber
  5. Parachute Of Gold


  1. Volcano (Seeming Remix)
  2. Echo Chamber (The Sweetest Condition Remix)
  3. Edge of the World (Edge of Arrakis mix by Stoneburner)
  4. Parachute of Gold (Blacklight Remix by The Rain Within)
  5. Scream With Me (The Dead Room Remix)
  6. Volcano (DJ Addambombb Remix)
  7. Echo Chamber (Iris Remix)
  8. Parachute of Gold (Planetdamage Remix)
  9. Edge Of The World (Digital Gnosis Remix)
  10. Echo Chamber (Adventu Impar Remix)
  11. Scream With Me (Go Fight Remix)

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