The Last Punks On Earth

'Syd.31' release their first full length album 'The Last Punks On Earth'

Syd31 The Last Punks On Earth

Analogue Trash presents it's latest release

It's happened. It's here. It’s the sound of our bleak­est land­scapes; the noise of the angri­est band in the UK tak­ing rage to a level rarely heard before.

With two suc­cess­ful EPs and a single behind them; Syd.31 are rede­fin­ing what it means to be a band as soci­ety rips itself apart – music with pur­pose and impact. Imagine Slayer join­ing forces with Die Antwoord, or the furi­ous love child of Grace Jones and Sid Vicious front­ing Atari Teenage Riot.

Delivering an uproar inspired by the decline of cul­ture and the loss of safe spaces for freaks as the world becomes an increas­ingly dan­ger­ous place for us all; this is no sci­ence fic­tion dysto­pia. This is real – true tales of home­less­ness, viol­ence, isol­a­tion and des­troyed optim­ism. The last four years of per­form­ing live, talk­ing to people, and see­ing what makes them dance has helped Syd.31 craft this album into a deaf­en­ing voice for the voiceless.

10 tracks full of their sig­na­ture anthems for a post-indus­tri­al age, delivered with a barely held togeth­er sense of chaos and pan­ic; The Last Punks on Earth fuses hard­core punk, goth, indus­tri­al, drum & bass and met­al laced with stabs of bleak euphoria.

syd31 promo photo
Syd.31 Promo Photo

Decisively step­ping away from their pre­vi­ously club-ori­ented sound and util­ising a much more gritty, raw and lo-fi son­ic palette; this is not an album that seeks approv­al, but one that punches back at the incom­ing tide of the world today. The Last Punks on Earth was mixed and mastered by Oscillate Recordings in their Manchester stu­dio; spe­cific­ally using a vir­tu­al ver­sion of the stu­dio that Joy Division used on Unknown Pleasures – an album that is widely recog­nised as one of the bleak­est punk albums of all time.

“There's no-one like us, so no-one likes us!” Syd.31 scream furi­ously as our world burns around us all; cap­tur­ing the zeit­geist and the real­isa­tion that we may be the very last counter cul­ture to chal­lenge the main­stream. If the last punks on Earth made one final album this would be it; and it is offi­cially released on the 17th of March 2017 by Analogue Trash.

Editor's note: Already in October of the last year we presen­ted the offi­cial music video 'We Are The Freaks'. The video provides a great insight into what's wait­ing for you on 'The Last Punk On Earth'.

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