The Qemists – Warrior Soundsystem (EP)

The Qemists - Warrior Soundsystem

'The Qemists' put one more thing on top

'The Qemists' return with a power-packed EP of new & live tracks along with hard hit­ting remixes on 'Warrior Soundsystem'.

Featuring intense rock tracks 'Stepping Stones', 'Find My Way' and a heavy cov­er of Korn's hit-track 'Blind', the release is counter-bal­anced by pulsing EDM remixes from Zardonic, SeamlessR, Memtrix and Voicians. Complete the exper­i­ence with the raw energy of 'The Qemists' on 'Jungle (Feat. Hacktivist) [Live]'.

The EP 'Warrior Soundsystem' will be released through FiXT in North America on July 14th, 2017.

About 'The Qemists'

The Qemists are, in many ways, some­thing of a Qonundrum. They’re rock kids seduced by the dance­floor, dance kids equally happy play­ing live instru­ments or build­ing tracks on the com­puter, drum & bass afi­cion­ados who believe their hurt­ling break­beats sound best under big mus­cu­lar metal­lic gui­tar riffs.

The Qemists (Promo Photo 2017)
The Qemists (Promo Photo 2017)

On paper, such a sound clash seems like a train wreck in the mak­ing. However, pumped as loud as your speak­ers will allow, or boom­ing through the PA at one of their live shows, The Qemists make glor­i­ous sense. Their fear­less genre-mash­ing has already garnered them a size­able fol­low­ing across the globe, scor­ing a pre­vi­ous num­ber one album in Japan and play­ing to audi­ences of over half a mil­lion people in Poland.

A band of five broth­ers – Dan Arnold, Bruno Balanta, Liam Black, Leon Harris and Olly Simmons, The Qemists are a real live tour de force. Proof of this has been seen on recent tours with Korn and Enter Shikari, one off shows with the likes of Skindred, and stand-out fest­iv­al per­form­ances at Download, Breakout and Butserfest.


  1. Stepping Stones
  2. Blind (Korn Cover)
  3. Jungle (feat. Hacktivist) [Zardonic Remix]
  4. Warrior Sound (SeamlessR Remix)
  5. Find My Way
  6. Jungle (feat. Hacktivist) [Live]
  7. Run You (Memtrix Remix)
  8. Jungle (feat. Hacktivist) [Voicians Remix]

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