The Qemists – Warrior Soundsystem (EP)

The Qemists - Warrior Soundsystem

‘The Qemists’ put one more thing on top

The Qemists‘ return with a power-packed EP of new & live tracks along with hard hitting remixes on ‘Warrior Soundsystem’.

Featuring intense rock tracks ‘Stepping Stones‘, ‘Find My Way’ and a heavy cover of Korn‘s hit-track ‘Blind’, the release is counter-balanced by pulsing EDM remixes from Zardonic, SeamlessR, Memtrix and Voicians. Complete the experience with the raw energy of ‘The Qemists‘ on ‘Jungle (Feat. Hacktivist) [Live]’.

The EP ‘Warrior Soundsystem’ will be released through FiXT in North America on July 14th, 2017.

About ‘The Qemists’

The Qemists are, in many ways, something of a Qonundrum. They’re rock kids seduced by the dancefloor, dance kids equally happy playing live instruments or building tracks on the computer, drum & bass aficionados who believe their hurtling breakbeats sound best under big muscular metallic guitar riffs.

The Qemists (Promo Photo 2017)
The Qemists (Promo Photo 2017)

On paper, such a sound clash seems like a train wreck in the making. However, pumped as loud as your speakers will allow, or booming through the PA at one of their live shows, The Qemists make glorious sense. Their fearless genre-mashing has already garnered them a sizeable following across the globe, scoring a previous number one album in Japan and playing to audiences of over half a million people in Poland.

A band of five brothers – Dan Arnold, Bruno Balanta, Liam Black, Leon Harris and Olly Simmons, The Qemists are a real live tour de force. Proof of this has been seen on recent tours with Korn and Enter Shikari, one off shows with the likes of Skindred, and stand-out festival performances at Download, Breakout and Butserfest.


  1. Stepping Stones
  2. Blind (Korn Cover)
  3. Jungle (feat. Hacktivist) [Zardonic Remix]
  4. Warrior Sound (SeamlessR Remix)
  5. Find My Way
  6. Jungle (feat. Hacktivist) [Live]
  7. Run You (Memtrix Remix)
  8. Jungle (feat. Hacktivist) [Voicians Remix]

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