Idol Lies – A Short Film By Marc Massive

A whim­sic­al fusion of dark pop sur­real­ism and nos­tal­gic 50’s B‑movie homage comes to life in a sur­pris­ingly light­hearted man­ner, des­pite draw­ing inspir­a­tion from a haunt­ingly somber back­story. Marketed as the unvar­nished truth, the story unfolds on a dilap­id­ated sea­side pier, fea­tur­ing decrep­it side show attrac­tions. We embark on an intim­ate jour­ney through the eyes of a fallen music artist, with hid­den mean­ings and sym­bol­ism that mir­ror his des­cent into para­noia after facing relent­less crit­ics, who reveled in his down­fall. "Idol Dies through Idle Lies."

The nar­rat­ive delves into the shad­ows of pro­found men­tal struggles and cata­stroph­ic think­ing, as our prot­ag­on­ist con­fronts his inner demons, seek­ing redemp­tion and heal­ing on the long road to recov­ery. Set against the back­drop of the pier's rides and attrac­tions, the tale unravels like a cap­tiv­at­ing music­al, con­stantly in motion.

As the plot unravels, the artist sheds the mask of a once-revered alter ego, relin­quish­ing the self-imposed con­straints that bound him. In a grand finale remin­is­cent of Ziggy Stardust, the facade of gim­micks is laid to rest, unveil­ing his authen­t­ic truth, new­found resi­li­ence, and a new­found will­ing­ness to for­give, express grat­it­ude, and rise again.

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Listen to the EP 'Idol Lies' by 'Marc Massive' on Spotify

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