Bel Epoq - Never Enough
Alright, strap yourselves in for some high-energy nostalgia, because Bel Epoq's new synth pop banger 'Never Enough' is a wild ride.
Train To Spain - Prisoner
If you're in the mood for some synth pop with a touch of 80s nostalgia, then Train To Spain's latest single 'Prisoner' is the tune for you.
Traumship - Way Out
The French-German band 'Traumship' hits all the right notes with their latest single 'Way Out'. This is a synth-pop, new wave masterpiece.
Moonraker Six - Sleepless
Moonraker Six's latest track 'Sleepless' features crisp off-beats and cyberpunk-like synth sounds that create a moody and dark atmosphere. 
&Tilly - Souls In Need
Official music video 'Souls In Need' performed by '&Tilly'. 'Souls In Need' is a chill and moody dream pop track that is sure to tug at your heartstrings.