Cosmic Armchair - Bleed
The song 'Bleed' by the synth pop/dark wave duo 'Cosmic Armchair' from Singapore surprised me with its classic, melancholic atmosphere.
New Synth Pop Songs 2021
Discover the new synth pop songs 2022 from the genres synth pop, electro pop, dark pop, dark wave and similar. The playlist is updated regularly!
Mr Robokov - Wonderful
The song 'Wonderful' is a fantastic synth pop song performed by 'Mr Robokov' taken from the same titled EP 'Wonderful'.
Secret Sign - Starbody
Official music video for the synth pop / new wave song 'Starbody' performed by the Canandian band 'Secret Sign' taken from the EP 'Notions'. 
Inlegion - Left
The song 'Left' by the Swedish band 'Inlegion' is a real synth-technical grenade. The song is taken from the EP 'Exit Body - Exit Mind'.
e:lect - Spies
The Swedish band 'e:lect' comes with there song synth pop song 'Spies' around the corner like there were always there.