Apoptygma Berzerk – You And Me Against The World (2021 Remaster)

Apoptygma Berzerk - You And Me Against The World (2021 Remaster)

Album facts

Release: July 23th, 2021
Label: Tatra Records
Genre: , , , ,
Discogs: Apoptygma Berzerk – You And Me Against The World
Partially sounds like: De/Vision, Mesh, VNV Nation

Quick rating: 4.74 ★★★

My mind and heart against remaster versions

The album ‘You And Me Against The World’ by ‘Apoptygma Berzerk’ is one of my biggest all-time favourite albums as I mentioned in the article ‘What is the best Apoptygma Bezerk album ever?‘. Without much expectation I bought the album in 2005 as limited digipak edition and it got me completely addicted. I can sing along to every damn lyric (in every possible condition).

So I was all the more excited when I heard that there was going to be a remaster version. I’m always very sceptical about remaster versions. You blow some dust off the tracks, put some uninspired remix version on top and boom the cash register rings. The question was: “Would I believe that Apop would have such a perfidious way of making money?”. I have to admit, I was unsure. For a short time I also considered whether a review would make sense, but I’ll leave it at a Radar here, since the majority of my readers should know the album. If you don’t, I’ll ban you right here (wink smiley).

Let’s start with the usual suspects

I’ll start roughly with the songs that were already on the original version of ‘You And Me Against The World’. And again, a question comes to mind: “Is it possible to make an almost perfect album even better?”. God f**king damn it, yes it can!

It’s like fantastic magic! I have the same feeling as when I first heard the album. The songs are all familiar to me, but each song has been given a distinctly audible upgrade without sounding really different. It’s still the same songs, but the synths, effects and sounds are much more clearly worked out and polished. Each song gets more character and stands out a bit more from the others. The dynamics are much more clearly audible between each individual sound. Here and there, subtle new sounds and effects have been added, but really only very discreetly. In principle, we are talking about glossy musical pornography!

From my heart to your ears
Transforming words to tears
Lyrics from ‘Lost In Translation’ by ‘Apoptygma Berzerk’

I am completely overwhelmed with joy over this remaster to put my feelings into words, so I am sorry in advance if what I have written here sounds a bit weird. In short, the remaster versions are pure musical heaven and have completely turned my view of remaster versions upside down.

The supporting actors against the world

New on the album track list is ‘Black Pawn’. The track was originally the b-side of the single from ‘Shine On‘. Here I can hardly hear any changes to the original. Anyway, I really like the track and it also fits smoothly into the overall picture of the album ‘You And Me Against The World’. The second b-side is ‘Faceless Fear’ taken from the single ‘In This Together‘. This song was already re-released in 2020 on the EP ‘Faceless Fear (B-Sides & Rarities)’. Furthermore, the two tracks ‘Shine On’ and ‘Is Electric Love To Blame?’ can be found on the remaster edition. In 2005, these were exclusively included on the limited digipak edition.

It makes no sense
we won’t connect
The more I push the more you reject
Lyrics from ‘Tuning In To The Frequency Of Your Soul’ by ‘Apoptygma Berzerk’

The remix versions of ‘Lost In Translation (Sweep Remix)’, ‘You Keep Me From Breaking Apart (…According To Phillip Remix)’, ‘Black Pawn (Elec This! Remix)’ and ‘In This Together (Voltage Controlled Music Remix)’ are unfortunately not new versions either. Those who own the Digipak singles of ‘In This Together’, ‘Shine On’ and ‘Love To Blame’ already have these versions in their CD cupboard. The remix versions of the tracks are still very good, except for the ‘Elec This! Remix’. It sounds a bit too stuffed and like a sound carpet to me.

Yes! Buy! Now!

A must-buy for Apop fans as a remastered edition. It’s really worth rediscovering the old tunes. I would have liked to see one or two unreleased tracks instead of the remix versions. Of course I don’t know if there are any, but the thought of it makes my heart beat faster. If there really is someone out there who doesn’t own this Future Pop / Synth Pop pearl by ‘Apoptygma Berzerk’ yet, then this is the best opportunity to get a jewel for your own collection.

Tracklist of ‘You And Me Against The World (2021 Remaster)’

  1. Tuning In Again (Intro)
  2. In This Together
  3. Love To Blame
  4. Black Pawn
  5. You Keep Me From Breaking Apart
  6. Cambodia
  7. Back On Track
  8. Tuning In To The Frequency Of Your Soul
  9. Mercy Kill
  10. Lost In Translation
  11. Into the Unknown
  12. Maze
  13. Faceless Fear
  14. Shine on
  15. Is Electronic Love To blame?
  16. Lost In Translation (Sweep Remix)
  17. You Keep Me From Breaking Apart (…According to Phillip Remix)
  18. Black Pawn (Elec This! Remix)
  19. In This Together (Voltage Controlled Music Remix)

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