Big Time Kill – Anxiety

Big Time Kill - Anxiety

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Release: July 29th, 2019
Label: Glitch Mode Recordings
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3.9 ★★★★☆

The five stages of inner discomfort …

… without being downright crazy. The new EP of ‘Big Time Kill’ covers not only different states of mental exhaustion and strain but also a variety of musical genres. ‘Anxiety’ ranges from heartfelt aggression to complete resignation, from digital double-bass in ‘Brutalism’ to Country-guitar whining in ‘Dysphoria’.

Devil in the details

What makes this band very special to me is the love for details and the freedom to choose whatever style is appropriate for their composition. For example, in the opener ‘Anxiety’, there’s a tiny shattering of glass in the chorus as if something fragile in your head just hit ground. A beautiful audio picture for this topic.

In regards of freedom, listen in on ‘Again And Again’ – with Adam spitting out the lyrics like something tasting very bad and even employing a short rap intermezzo reminding me of ‘Clawfinger‘ and the like.

Hush‘ has already been aired as a video, which I really like because of the graphical style as well as the fun and energy those guys transport. And of course, the song is great, too, for you can feel the tautness with every uttered ‘Hush’.

Distress of every sort being a complex and – on first glance – negative emotional field, ‘Big Time Kill’ never leave you in a state of devastation. They always manage to make you stop in order to push you from a different perspective. Changes in tempo and pauses often do the trick. Those never seem artificial or overly stretched. Everything these guys do is perfectly planned and really well executed. With a lovely bit of punk-ish dirt and energy, of course.

Big time happy

As I hoped, ‘Big Time Kill’ systematically followed their path already entered with ‘Shock And Awe‘, developing their style without ever getting boring or predictable. Yes, I’d be happier if it had been a full-length album, but I can understand the decision for an EP in matters of storyline and completeness in form and content.

So, if you’re ready to get surprised, energised, confused, entertained and in-the-end-sorry-that-it’s-already-over: get ‘Anxiety’ on the spot!

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