Cosaquitos en Globo – Humanum

Cosaquitos en Globo - HumanumAlbum facts

Release: August 31st, 2017
Label: Self-released
Genre: , , , ,
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Dark beats from Buenos Aires

In an increas­ingly dark, auto­mated and dis­tant world, HUMANUM embod­ies the uneas­i­ness of these times but, at the same time, rebels by pro­pos­ing sweet and lumin­ous melod­ies, show­ing one of the most openly sens­ible pan­or­a­mas of the duo.

Cosaquitos en Globo's 4th album nav­ig­ates between the eth­er­e­al, the deep and some­how heart­break­ing, an organ­ic and emo­tion­al response to an increas­ingly less empath­ic world.

In its altern­ate real­ity, man and machine come togeth­er to cre­ate a utop­ic fantasy, con­trary to apo­ca­lyptic ver­tigo that sur­rounds us, escap­ing to recov­er the essence that makes us human.

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