Cosaquitos en Globo – Humanum

Cosaquitos en Globo - Humanum

Cosaquitos en Globo - HumanumAlbum facts

Release: August 31st, 2017
Label: Self-released
Genre: , , ,
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Dark beats from Buenos Aires

In an increasingly dark, automated and distant world, HUMANUM embodies the uneasiness of these times but, at the same time, rebels by proposing sweet and luminous melodies, showing one of the most openly sensible panoramas of the duo.

Cosaquitos en Globo‘s 4th album navigates between the ethereal, the deep and somehow heartbreaking, an organic and emotional response to an increasingly less empathic world.

In its alternate reality, man and machine come together to create a utopic fantasy, contrary to apocalyptic vertigo that surrounds us, escaping to recover the essence that makes us human.

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