The Frozen Autumn – The Fellow Traveller

The Frozen Autumn - The Fellow TravellerAlbum facts

Release: November 3rd, 2017
Label: Echozone
Genre: ,
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Modern Darkwave without clichés

Since their first demo in 1994, 'The Frozen Autumn' have estab­lished them­selves as a fix­ture and cult band in the elec­tro-dark-wave scene. With 'The Fellow Traveler', after their last long play­er 'Chirality' from 2011 and the EP 'Lie In Wait', the new album with elev­en tracks, which will once again impress the band's own style – also 'Frozen Wave' titled.

As on the pre­vi­ous albums, the singing parts of Diego and Froxeanne altern­ate, sim­il­ar to the very early, styl­ist­ic­ally related releases of 'Clan Of Xymox'. This adds an inter­est­ing com­pon­ent to the aud­it­ory flow of the album, allow­ing the listen­er to immerse him­self more and more into the genre-typ­ic­al mel­an­choly-gloomy universe.

'The Fellow Traveler' con­vinces with soph­ist­ic­ated songs, which were writ­ten for real album listen­ers and do not adhere to passing Gothic or Wave clichés, but remain true to their style. The songs skil­fully move between dance­able-per­cuss­ive arrange­ments and atmo­spher­ic Darkwave, gar­nished with a sooth­ing 80s flair.

Thus, the new album should also be able to fur­ther increase the inter­na­tion­al repu­ta­tion of the band, not least con­firmed by numer­ous world­wide con­certs and fest­iv­al appearances.

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