Palais Ideal – No Signal

Palais Ideal - No SignalAlbum facts

Release: January 19th, 2018
Label: Dark Vinyl Records
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Awesome Darkwave from the Netherlands

New wave music for emotional engagement, intellectual stimulation, energetic dancing and nostalgic enjoyment!

Constructed from fragments of post-punk and new wave. Foundations are provided by vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Sweeping guitars and vocals create overarching structures. Romanticism and stark modernism are fused into an energetic new style.

In designing the PALAIS IDEAL, John Edwards (guitars, vocals, synths, programming) and Richard van Kruysdijk (bass, baritone guitar, backing vocals, synths, programming) have joined ranks with bands such as Editors, She Past Away, Lebanon Hanover, Trentemøller and Ikon, who have also drawn inspiration from works by The Cure, New Order, The Sound and the Sisters of Mercy. As musicians and producers, both members have worked on projects for independent and major labels and toured extensively.

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