Zoodrake – Purified

Zoodrake - Purified

Album facts

Release: March 27th, 2019
Label: Elektrofish / Believe
Genre: , , ,
Discogs: Zoodrake – Purified
Partially sounds like: Duran Duran

Quick rating

3.8 ★★★★☆

Highlights on Purified

The first notes on the album sound cold-blooded and ultra elec­tron­ic. The track 'Upgrade' ham­mers its way for­ward epic­ally beat by beat. A strong open­er for a more or less debut. The second is the fant­ast­ic single 'Death Blooms', which stays in your ears with elec­tric gui­tar and a pretty catchy chor­us.

The track 'Radar' reminded me some­how of the new tracks of 'Duran Duran'. A very emo­tion­al vocal which is fant­ast­ic sup­por­ted by a gui­tar. If you want to exper­i­ence an 80s nos­tal­gic feel­ing without leav­ing the mod­ern age, you should listen to the song 'Fear'. At least for me the song felt like a jour­ney into the past. Also the song 'Solitude (You Will)' is for­tu­nately break­ing out of the typ­ic­al song scheme. Beautiful song!

A fair verdict

The album 'Purified' is without any ques­tion a won­der­ful album. Personally I miss a little bit the vari­ety on the album. But that doesn't neces­sar­ily have to be inter­preted in a net­ag­at­ive way. If you like the sound of one track, then you will cer­tainly love the whole album. I def­in­itely recom­mend to listen to it. Zoodrake have delivered a first class Synthiepop/Electropop album with 'Purified'.


  1. Upgrade
  2. Death Bloom
  3. Lasting
  4. Our Light
  5. For A While
  6. Faster
  7. Sent To You
  8. Fear
  9. Solitude (You Will)
  10. I Am The Drake

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