Music For Constructions (A tribute to Depeche Mode)

Music For Construtions (A tribute to Depeche Mode)

Album facts

Release: December 3rd, 2021
Label: NoCut Records
Discogs: Not available yet

Quick rating: 3.03 ★★★☆☆

A tribute with high ambitions

Towards the end of Depeche Mode’s 40th anniversary, the label NoCut also released a tribute to the band. Packed with 31 cover versions, I would say that the ambitions were high. I see many big scene names like MONO Inc, Beyond Obsession, Psyche or Blind Passenger on the track list. In addition, there are many other small bands that you know if you are deeply rooted in the scene and are otherwise open to special-interest music. But does the sheer number of tracks impress me? Do the bands fit together musically on a compilation? And what about the song selection? We’ll answer those questions here shortly.

Respect for this mammoth tribute to Depeche Mode

Before we get to the criticisms, I would like to compliment NoCut for putting together such a massive tribute compilation. Since we do Electrozombies tribute compilations ourselves from time to time, I am well aware of how much work and coordination talent is needed to finalise such a project.

If you don’t give a hard list of songs to cover and only cover them once, then it happens very quickly that all the bands go for the same 2-3 super-hits. Then there are always the bands who ask shortly before the deadline if they can have another one or two weeks extension. Yes, it’s stressful, but that and other impasses are only known behind the scenes. But if you do it out of passion, then you enjoy doing it in a way. Therefore, once again: NoCut Records, you have done a great job here. Respect and high regard from my side.

What you get at ‘Music For Constructions’

The tribute starts with 3 hard versions with a lot of heavy guitars that remind me of the tribute compilation series ‘A Metal Tribute To Depeche Mode‘. Generally speaking, you have to be very open-minded about the genre of this compilation. Besides hard and goth rock tunes, there are also jazz and lounge versions on the tribute ‘Music For Constructions’. But don’t worry, there are also enough electronic versions in synth pop, EBM or dark wave on the compilation. Even though the monumetal work offers a lot, it naturally remains difficult in terms of taste as a complete work.

The rough points of criticism are quickly ticked off. There are 3 duplications on the compilation, which, given Depeche Mode’s huge catalogue of songs, should not have been necessary. These are ‘The Bottom Line’, ‘Ice Machine’ and ‘But Not Tonight’. What is very noticeable, which I also complained about with the tribute compilations ‘Breathing in Fumes – An Infactious Tribute to Depeche Mode‘ and ‘40 Years – A Special Tribute To Depeche Mode‘ in 2021, is that for the most part only songs from the first decade are on the compilation. On a positive note, I would like to mention that the usual suspects like ‘Never Let Me Down Again’, ‘Personal Jesus’ and ‘Enjoy The Silence’ seem to have been banned. Thanks for that!

Is the XXL Depeche Mode Tribute a cheat pack?

To crush a ‘Depeche Mode’ classic is just extremely difficult. Every cover version in its genre is guaranteed to find a listener. In the end, you always decide for yourself how open you are to cover versions and the corresponding genre. For me, the overall work fits, even if I have to say that it doesn’t belong to the best Depeche Mode tribute compilations. I bought the compilation despite my criticism of its mediocrity and I think that for every Depeche Mode fan the decision to buy is probably only obligatory. And then there’s the fact that the first edition comes in a limited 2-CD digipack. I think these will soon be out of stock. So get them now!

Tracklist of ‘Music For Constructions (A tribute to Depeche Mode)’

Disc 1

  1. MONO INC. – I feel You 2
  2. MajorVoice – It’s no Good 2
  3. Crematory – Black Celebration 2
  4. Beyond Obsession – The Bottom Line 4
  5. Vainerz – Insight 4
  6. Blind Passenger 80s Express – Photographic (Feat. Nigel Wheeler) 4
  7. Love? – In your Memory 4
  8. Darkness on Demand – Behind the Wheel 2.5
  9. Evo-Lution – Stripped 3.5
  10. Julian Shah Taylor – In your Room 2
  11. Psyche – Lie to Me 3.5
  12. Any Second – To have and to hold (Feat. Iggi) 4
  13. Scheuber & Wollank – Heaven 2
  14. Electronic Frequency – Ice Machine 3.5
  15. Strangelove The Depeche Mode Experience – Sister of Night 3.5

Disc 2

  1. Heimataerde – Ice Machine 2.5
  2. Plastic Noise Experience – Get the Balance right 3.5
  3. ADkeY – Nodisco 3
  4. The Promise – But not Tonight 3.5
  5. The Psychic Force – Blasphemous Rumors 3
  6. DMK – Black Celebration (2021 Poly Gore Remix) 2.5
  7. Mauricio Tamblay – Rush 3
  8. Superikone – The Things you said (Feat. Puppekopp) 3
  9. Monsmeg – Where’s the Revolution 2
  10. Blue Forge – Waiting for the Night 3.5
  11. Stage Of Theed – My Secret Garden 2.5
  12. White Noise TV – World in My Eyes 3.5
  13. Ha[a]rp – The Sun and the Rainfall 3
  14. District 13 – The Bottom Line 3.5
  15. Twilight-Images – Fly on the Windscreen 2.5
  16. Diarblack – But not Tonight 3

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