The Static Architect – Disarray

The Static Architect - DisarrayAlbum facts

Release: August 28th, 2017
Label: Self-released
Genre: , ,
Discogs: Not avail­able yet

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The Static Architect is an indie synth rock­/in­dus­tri­al-esque amal­gam­a­tion of noise, gui­tars, and elec­tron­ics. A son­ic hack into your vir­tu­al soul. Vocally the sing­er Nick McLaren is very close to Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). You also can find an awe­some cov­er ver­sion of 'Down In The Park' ori­gin­ally per­formed by 'Gary Numan'.

The Static Architect also appears on the last Electrozombies com­pil­a­tion 'Universe > Spirit (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)' with a gor­geous cov­er ver­sion of 'Going Backwards'.

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