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Release: December 17th, 2018
Label: Solange Endormie Records
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Finding happiness in melancholy

Usually I’m not the die-hard Wave-Girl, although I enjoy a little head-down shuff­ling from time to time. But here is some­thing new: French Cold Wave band ‘LOBBY’ sounds as if hav­ing spent 30 years with ‘The Smiths’ and ‘The Cure’ but at the same time as fresh and optim­ist­ic as if just hatched. The lat­ter is the truth: hav­ing formed only in 2017 ‘LOBBY’s second album ‘Fragrance’ appears very mature in mat­ters of com­pos­i­tion and in recep­tion of ‘tra­di­tions’ in our music scene.

A dom­in­ant bass gets ensnared by typ­ic­al gui­tar riffs and spher­ic synths. The synths are quite com­par­able to the likes of ‘Empathy Test’, but ‘LOBBY’ is most def­in­itely more on the Rock-side of it. The vocals dwell in the middle ground, exactly as they should, the elec­tron­ic drums are clear and focused.

What I really enjoyed here is the fact, that the album doesn’t get bor­ing, as Batcave/Wave-influ­enced stuff some­times tends to do. Every song is a new way of inter­pret­ing and trans­fer­ring beloved pat­terns into the next space-time con­tinuum. At times quite dance­able, those Frenchmen don’t leave you to open des­pair and doom in a dirty, unlit gar­age, they man­age to lift your mood but without let­ting you get all too lofty, of course.

‘Fragrance’ is not a record, that will sur­prise you, but it com­bines so many good things that you can’t do but like it.

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