Ember Twin – Let Us In

Ember Twin - Let Us In

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Release: May 29th, 2019
Label: Self release
Genre: ,
Discogs: Not avail­able yet
Partially sounds like: Early Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Prayers, Beck

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3.8 ★★★★☆

An intense ride through the dark places

‘Let us in’ is the second full-length album by Swedish Ember Twin. William E, founder and cre­at­ive epi­cen­ter is out and about to “cre­ate music without rules” and this is not one of these empty phrases we hear so often. He melts down Punk, Rock, elec­tron­ic and exper­i­ment­al ele­ments to a dark, some­times men­acing, sound exper­i­ence without los­ing touch with pop cul­ture and a healthy bit of earworming.

I have to admit: what first caught my eye was the cov­er song at the very end of the album for it is one of my all­time-favour­ites: ‘Punkrocker’ by The Teddybears. Although I’m usu­ally no big cov­er enthu­si­ast, I’m very pleased here. This ver­sion has a new twist, an Ember Twin twist, without deny­ing its roots. And it’s pretty much the only optim­ist­ic fun-song on this album.

Deep into the guts

Starting off with the night­mare-ish ‘Out of light’ which obvi­ously deals with his last rela­tion­ship we get drawn in by William E’s dis­tor­ted voice and slightly noisy song composition.

‘Fur’ which is meant very lit­er­al has a driv­ing, stag­ger­ing beat and the hook­line ‘I want your fur’ could pro­voke inter­est­ing scenes on the dancefloors.

Having been asso­ci­ated with the Punk scene when I was a teen, ‘Don’t be your­self’ is pretty much a remin­is­cence to me. But it is only in mat­ters of top­ic – music­ally I’m slightly reminded of Prayers with their Hip Hop back­ground. As I quoted: no rules!

What I really like is the fact, that this song is con­cep­tu­ally con­nec­ted with the next called ‘Act’. As top­ics are related, Ember Twin also chose a sub­sequent com­pos­i­tion here. And I love the line “life’s a party but it’s fuck­ing fatal”.

‘Another place’ is an instru­ment­al – sorry, but noone will ever get me with an instru­ment­al. This might sound ignor­ant, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

Dark spirits meet irony

‘10 inch tall’ gets you back to the night­mare-ish, fra­gile, unstable state of feel­ings. Sounds are actu­ally quite min­im­al but very well chosen. The whole song feels exper­i­ment­al, although its struc­ture is not. Creepy clat­ter­ing sounds get you deep­er into the tun­nel of hor­ror and a very reduced piano gives the whole set­ting a feel of dusty haunted houses.

A little light­er and with a driv­ing gal­lop ‘I miss myself’ sar­castic­ally breaks its way with a hint of 8bit irony while ‘Happy birth­day’ is abso­lutely not what you might expect right now. Sagging and push­ing with a dash of dub­step we’re on our way down, down, down again.

Closing with ‘Punkrocker’ is way unex­pec­ted for sud­denly the clouds tear apart, thun­der stops and you feel like on a high school party. This might sound crazy, but that com­ple­ments actu­ally quite well the concept car­ried through this record.

Ember Twin cre­ated an album that caught my ear in an instant. Having listened twice, I star­ted singing along. Funny, with all these neg­at­ive feel­ings waver­ing about the indi­vidu­al songs. Opposites attract. If you’re in for an intense, gui­tar-led but still elec­tron­ic jour­ney through the depths of life, you should def­in­itely treat your­self with ‘Let us in’!

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