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Release: December 4th, 2018
Label: FiXT
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The dangers of an uncharted territory

Official press release: "The highly anti­cip­ated fol­low-up to Scandroid’s first two albums is here! The Darkness is Scandroid like you’ve nev­er heard him before, as the artist unleashes his dark side across six brand new tracks. Never con­tent to rest on what he’s already accom­plished, Klayton, the mas­ter­mind behind the pro­ject, has driv­en his music into uncharted ter­rit­ory on The Darkness and giv­en every song its own dis­tinct­ive iden­tity. From the old school heavy met­al riffs of 'Phoenix' to the omin­ous Cybersynth tone of 'Red Planet' and 'Out Of The Darkness', each entry will pull you deep­er into Scandroid’s darkly cyber­net­ic world.

In addi­tion to the six ori­gin­al tracks, Scandroid has packed The Darkness with elec­tri­fy­ing remixes from some of the most tal­en­ted and innov­at­ive artists in and around Synthwave today. Even bet­ter, this new release is just the start of Scandroid’s latest cre­at­ive opus, The Darkness and The Light. Fans will be able to immerse them­selves in the second half, The Light, in 2019, with a com­plete full-length release to fol­low. The jour­ney through The Darkness and The Light begins right here."

My verdict of the so-called 'album'

Unfortunately, this time I'm not that con­vinced of the third work 'The Darkness'. This is also more of an EP or recently called mini-album if a few more remixes are included. My high­lights are 'The End Of Time' and 'Onyx'. The rest is instru­ment­al or the remixed ver­sion, but much weak­er than the ori­gin­al songs. I hope that 'The Light' in 2019 will have more to offer.

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