Ryga – Catch Her Groove

Ryga - Catch Her GrooveAlbum facts

Release: June 6th, 2017
Label: Microphone Records
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Crazy beats from Latvia

'Ryga' is the most pro­voc­at­ive band from the Baltic states, the cap­it­al city of Latvia. Started their music career in 2013, they have been shock­ing the audi­ence by bring­ing pop­u­lar but awk­ward top­ics and sounds and dis­cuss­ing them straight ahead, without lies or frilling. "We all are just human beings, so – why not to be hon­est with who we really are", used to say band lead­er Marcis Judzis.

Ryga debut album 'Catch Her Groove' just came out late June 2017. The loc­al and inter­na­tion­al press used to point out that band Ryga is rebel­li­ous loud and with char­ac­ter. An enorm­ous charge of energy com­bined with shock ther­apy born in a dra­mat­ic envir­on­ment, by fus­ing vari­ous already well-known bands. Possibly, this is the key to their ori­gin­al­ity — they bring you the sound of elec­tron­ic and dance music with a true punk attitude.

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