Yellow Lazarus – The Mark Inside

Yellow Lazarus - The Mark Inside

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Release: December 13th, 2019
Label: Out Of Line
Genre: , , , , , ,
Discogs: Yellow Lazarus – The Mark Inside

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4.2 ★★★★☆

The Industrial Pop genre is on the rise

Emerged from nowhere and struck us with a mer­ci­less impact. Towards the end of the year, we get some­thing to party on. The "secret trio" with the pro­ject name 'Yellow Lazarus' mixes all pos­sible music genres togeth­er in the wild­est man­ner and fucks the usu­al con­ven­tions. With this beat power, elec­tropunk atti­tude and cre­ativ­ity I would have wished for the last 'The Prodigy' albums.

Who are Yellow Lazarus?

Watch your step! Possible spoil­er: Behind the pro­ject 'Yellow Lazarus' are the band mem­bers with the mys­ter­i­ous names: Slender Owl – Vocals, Scarfox – Screams, U+1F430 – Growls. So much is clear to me, the clean vocals are from Anders Hagström (Ashbury Heights) and the male growls are from Elliot Berlin (Aesthetic Perfection). I can't assign the female growls yet, but if you know the woman, you are wel­come to write that in the comments.

The songs on 'The Mark Inside'

'Vicious Memories' begins like a typ­ic­al Ashbury Heights song before being bru­tally inter­rup­ted by growls and dis­tor­ted syn­thes­izer. The har­mony is inter­rup­ted in a harsh way that you usu­ally would expect in an 'Aesthetic Perfection' song. I like the open­ing track and be greedy for more.

'Dead Slot Machine' is banging big with the bass! It has a bit of fun­fair techno but a damn dark fair with the typ­ic­al freak show and creepy clowns. Does any­one still remem­ber the techno com­pil­a­tion series 'Thunderdome'? Anyway, here the feet don't stay still and dan­cing is the order of the day.

Through the music video of 'Insects In Dry Places' I first came across 'Yellow Lazarus' and instantly fell in love with their music. This track is a crazy mix­ture of bru­tal Electropunk, Big Beat and Reggae. I dis­like Reggae in gen­er­al, but here and in this com­bin­a­tion, it's a god-like blast of cre­at­ive music.

Are you up for the '90s Eurobeat with a big bang? The track 'Tangier' offers exactly that and is a lot of fun. Sadly you can't see the grin on my face and how hard I cel­eb­rate this song right now.

Since I just men­tioned 'The Prodigy'. The last song seems to be a kind of trib­ute to the band or to Keith Flint, who unfor­tu­nately died too early. At least the begin­ning and some parts of the song are strongly remin­is­cent of the guys from the UK. Somewhere between Electropunk and a groovy Hip Hop beat the song switches back and forth. Simply a fant­ast­ic mix­ture. Please give us more!

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