The Rain Within – Atomic Eyes

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Release: February 14th, 2018
Label: Negative Gain
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Andy Deane grew up lov­ing the hor­ror movies and romantic com­ed­ies of the 80s. He could watch Michael Myers tak­ing out promis­cu­ous teens for 90 minutes and then shift gears to find out who Molly Ringwald was going to choose to be with at the school dance. There was an inspir­a­tion to be found at both ends of the spec­trum… the hor­rif­ic and the beau­ti­ful, the tra­gic and the hope­ful. Either way, a great soundtrack was the one thing that could put a film over the top.

This dicho­tomy shapes The Rain Within's sound in many ways; The cold syn­thes­izers of John Carpenter and Vangelis col­lid­ing with the soul­ful, catchy pop struc­tures of The Psychedelic Furs and Depeche Mode. Dance beats pound a path to the future as heart­felt lyr­ics draw the listen­er back to the past.

After 2 suc­cess­ful self-released EPs, The Rain Within met up with Negative Gain Productions at a per­form­ance in LA on their first US tour. A bond was formed and from it, the band's first full-length album, Dark Drive, was born.

Atomic Eyes is the latest release for The Rain Within and is eas­ily the band's most ambi­tious work to date. This album merges Synthwave and Synthpop while break­ing every rule for each along the way. The record man­ages to be more aggress­ive, vis­cer­al, and upbeat, all the while main­tain­ing a sound that is uniquely The Rain Within. The Rain Within has suc­cess­fully built a bridge between the 80s and today's audience.

Andy Deane is a mod­ern renais­sance man, hav­ing found suc­cess as a musi­cian and a hor­ror author. He is a clas­sic­ally trained musi­cian, hav­ing years of vocal train­ing under his belt. He has toured the US extens­ively and found his way to Europe and the UK on sev­er­al occa­sions with both The Rain Within and his goth­ic rock band Bella Morte. The Rain Within is his latest music­al con­quest and Atomic Eyes will land on Valentine's Day, 2018

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