Faderhead – Starchaser EP

Faderhead - Starchaser EP

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Release: March 11th, 2019
Label: Not A Robot Records
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Discogs: Faderhead – Starchaser EP

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4 ★★★★☆

Synth Pop with a dark impact

The musical output of Faderhead is generally enormous. While Patreon’s of ‘Faderhead’ are blessed with a new song every month, ordinary mortals had to wait almost two years now for the new EP ‘Starchaser’. Unfortunately, I can not say anything about the quality of the monthly songs, but about the present EP ‘Starchaser’.

In short: The EP contains 6 brand new tracks. The typical Faderhead sound cannot be denied. Lucky for all music-autistic people, because they do not have to adjust to anything new. But that’s not a deal breaker, because the EP is simply wonderful and produced with extremely high quality. There is not a single gap filler here and the songs are damn diversified.

The title track ‘Starchaser’ captivates with a DNA injection of the great song ‘Escape Gravity‘. This is especially noticeable in the chorus. The wheel was not reinvented here, it just experienced a fine touch. I especially like the song ‘Darker Please’. I guess, here you can hear the musical progression of Faderhead at it’s best. The sound and, above all, the vocals are tonally coloured to the early works of the ‘Pet Shop Boys’.

The EP is available for a few bucks at Bandcamp. For fans anyway a must-have, but also for anyone who likes Synth Pop with a dark impact should definitely listen here. I only can recommend this fantastic EP without exception.

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