Faderhead – Starchaser EP

Faderhead - Starchaser EP

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Release: March 11th, 2019
Label: Not A Robot Records
Genre: , , ,
Discogs: Faderhead – Starchaser EP

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4 ★★★★☆

Synth Pop with a dark impact

The music­al out­put of Faderhead is gen­er­ally enorm­ous. While Patreon's of 'Faderhead' are blessed with a new song every month, ordin­ary mor­tals had to wait almost two years now for the new EP 'Starchaser'. Unfortunately, I can not say any­thing about the qual­ity of the monthly songs, but about the present EP 'Starchaser'.

In short: The EP con­tains 6 brand new tracks. The typ­ic­al Faderhead sound can­not be denied. Lucky for all music-aut­ist­ic people, because they do not have to adjust to any­thing new. But that's not a deal break­er, because the EP is simply won­der­ful and pro­duced with extremely high qual­ity. There is not a single gap filler here and the songs are damn diversified.

The title track 'Starchaser' cap­tiv­ates with a DNA injec­tion of the great song 'Escape Gravity'. This is espe­cially notice­able in the chor­us. The wheel was not rein­ven­ted here, it just exper­i­enced a fine touch. I espe­cially like the song 'Darker Please'. I guess, here you can hear the music­al pro­gres­sion of Faderhead at it's best. The sound and, above all, the vocals are ton­ally col­oured to the early works of the 'Pet Shop Boys'.

The EP is avail­able for a few bucks at Bandcamp. For fans any­way a must-have, but also for any­one who likes Synth Pop with a dark impact should def­in­itely listen here. I only can recom­mend this fant­ast­ic EP without exception.

Listen and get 'Faderhead – Starchaser EP' here

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