Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy

Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy

Pay tribute to the long-lasting legacy of Keith Flint

Keith Charles Flint was an English vocal­ist, dan­cer, and occa­sion­al motor­cycle racer, best known to a wide audi­ence for his work with the sem­in­al elec­tron­ic group The Prodigy. Beginning as a backup dan­cer with the group, Flint would later become a front­man for The Prodigy by 1996, lend­ing his appear­ances as a song­writer and vocal­ist to some of their biggest com­mer­cial hits, such as "Firestarter", "Breathe", "Baby's Got A Temper", and "Omen". Flint's icon­ic punk-inspired appear­ance became indelibly asso­ci­ated with the group through their music videos, and almost cer­tainly played a major role in The Prodigy's main­stream suc­cess, and leg­acy as a key influ­ence in the sub­genres of big beat, break­beat, and hard­core dance.

On March 4th, 2019, Keith Flint was found dead in his Essex home of a sus­pec­ted sui­cide, as The Prodigy was in the midst of a major world tour. A massive out­pour­ing of grief and trib­ute from peers such as The Chemical Brothers, Liam Gallagher, Azealia Banks, Gary Numan, Ho99o9, Frank Turner, and many more soon fol­lowed. These trib­utes reflec­ted not just on the major influ­ence and con­tri­bu­tions Flint had made via The Prodigy, but of his gentle tem­pera­ment, wide-reach­ing gen­er­os­ity, and warmth as an indi­vidu­al, in sharp con­trast to his aggress­ive stage persona.

With "Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy", we hope to show our love as well.

Who are we? Just a loose col­lec­tion of under­ground elec­tron­ic and indus­tri­al musi­cians who want to pay trib­ute to the long-last­ing leg­acy of Keith Flint, and have come togeth­er with 12 hard-hit­ting cov­ers of tracks by The Prodigy to show our appre­ci­ation for the man and his endur­ing influ­ence on music.


  1. Big Time Kill – Fuel My Fire
  2. Bilian (feat. Doomdriver) – The Day Is My Enemy
  3. The Mask Of Sanity – Breathe
  4. Stahlschlag – No Good (Start The Dance)
  5. Zovi – Firestarter
  6. Imperfexion – Omen
  7. Louis Guidone (feat. Mera Roberts) – Smack My Bitch Up
  8. Transdusk – Run With The Wolves
  9. Flesh Eating Foundation – Nasty
  10. Sawtooth (feat. Droast) – Mindfields
  11. God Astray – Baby's Got A Temper
  12. Slighter – Narayan

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