Various Artists – Love Hertz


Love Hertz is the exploration of Sexuality, Sensuality & Sin

It is the false dichotomy between Pleasure & Pain. It is the confusion created by mainstream media between Love & Sex. It is the perpetual battle between Chemicals, Chromosomes and Hormones. Since time immemorial, it has driven us, motivated us, enticed us, and propagated us. It has been the starter of wars, it has been the inspiration for a million poets, authors and rock stars. It makes us smile, it makes us blush, and it makes us yearn. It is the tantric beat of our lives. It is us.

“Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go it’s pretty damn good”. – Woody Allen

A MASSIVE thank you to all the incredibly talented artists that gave their heart and soul to this project and produced beautiful art. You always go above and beyond and to each and every one of you, I am truly grateful. Onward and Upward ♥♥♥


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The tracklist

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  1. Unknown Land – Oh
  2. Ok Sure – Bones
  3. Vague Notion – Hertz So Good
  4. The Sweetest Condition – Heal Me
  5. Sleeplab – Servo
  6. Battlesick – Safe Word
  7. Alpha Loopy – Forget The Day
  8. Liza Nicklin – Indiscretions
  9. Bek Davis – I Want You
  10. Illustrial – Candy (It’s All In Your Head Mix)

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  1. The Black Hundred – Beg For Ecstasy (feat Mirette McGauran)
  2. AkA – Stuff It
  3. DevilMonkey – Strapon Princess
  4. replikant – Intrinsic Rhythm
  5. Synthicide – Feel It Burn
  6. PTSD – Alone With Everybody
  7. Microchip Junky – Pyrallis
  8. Deadlights – I Say!
  9. Ullapul – Wild Pony Trekking
  10. Asleep With Headphones – With You (feat Megan McConnell)