Various Artists – Love Hertz


Love Hertz is the exploration of Sexuality, Sensuality & Sin

It is the false dicho­tomy between Pleasure & Pain. It is the con­fu­sion cre­ated by main­stream media between Love & Sex. It is the per­petu­al battle between Chemicals, Chromosomes and Hormones. Since time imme­mori­al, it has driv­en us, motiv­ated us, enticed us, and propag­ated us. It has been the starter of wars, it has been the inspir­a­tion for a mil­lion poets, authors and rock stars. It makes us smile, it makes us blush, and it makes us yearn. It is the tan­tric beat of our lives. It is us.

"Sex without love is a mean­ing­less exper­i­ence, but as far as mean­ing­less exper­i­ences go it’s pretty damn good". – Woody Allen

A MASSIVE thank you to all the incred­ibly tal­en­ted artists that gave their heart and soul to this pro­ject and pro­duced beau­ti­ful art. You always go above and bey­ond and to each and every one of you, I am truly grate­ful. Onward and Upward ♥♥♥


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The tracklist

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  1. Unknown Land – Oh
  2. Ok Sure – Bones
  3. Vague Notion – Hertz So Good
  4. The Sweetest Condition – Heal Me
  5. Sleeplab – Servo
  6. Battlesick – Safe Word
  7. Alpha Loopy – Forget The Day
  8. Liza Nicklin – Indiscretions
  9. Bek Davis – I Want You
  10. Illustrial – Candy (It's All In Your Head Mix)

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  1. The Black Hundred – Beg For Ecstasy (feat Mirette McGauran)
  2. AkA – Stuff It
  3. DevilMonkey – Strapon Princess
  4. rep­lik­ant – Intrinsic Rhythm
  5. Synthicide – Feel It Burn
  6. PTSD – Alone With Everybody
  7. Microchip Junky – Pyrallis
  8. Deadlights – I Say!
  9. Ullapul – Wild Pony Trekking
  10. Asleep With Headphones – With You (feat Megan McConnell)


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