Waiting For Words – Lovesongs (12 Covers From The Cure)

Waiting For Words Lovesongs 12 Covers From The Cure

Words from the band about this release

When RADIO PULSAR invited 'Waiting For Words' to per­form a spe­cial 'Tribute Concert To The Cure' (March 10th 2017, Poitiers, France), the idea was quite simple: per­form a dozen of The Cure songs on a one off gig.

But, as a lot of things and ideas with 'Waiting For Words', things are nev­er that simple. As soon as the rehears­als went on, it was clear to the band that all this work couldn't be just for one gig.

We've tried as much as we could to keep the Live energy of the con­cert pro­ject with stu­dio work, exper­i­ences and put­ting our own stamp to those bril­lant songs. We decided to record all vocals as a live gig, on a couple of days of rough record­ings and build everything around those. We are very happy and proud with the end res­ult and hope you will enjoy it as much as he did over those last weeks

Special Thanks to Renaud from Coffees & Cigarettes, Philippe Freicha (Radio Pulsar), Théophane and the all crew (Le Plan B), Mat & Golem XIII (GOM Productions), Stewart Craner (Foundry Records), Del and ClubSigner. And of course… very spe­cial thanks to Robert Smith and The Cure for guid­ance and influ­ence since all those decades.


  1. Want
  2. Lovesong (Version #2)
  3. In Between Days (feat Coffees & Cigarettes)
  4. Pictures Of You
  5. A Night Like This (feat Coffees & Cigarettes – Version #2)
  6. Sinking
  7. Close To Me
  8. The Walk
  9. Lullaby (feat Coffees & Cigarettes)
  10. A Letter To Elise
  11. A Forest
  12. This Is A Lie

Download Waiting For Words – Lovesongs (12 Covers From The Cure) here:

Download 'Waiting For Words - Lovesongs (12 Covers From The Cure)' here

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