Various Artists – The Cure In Other Voices

Various Artists The Cure In Other Voices


A gorgeous tribute over 3 decades

This tribute is compiled by Renato Malizia from ‘The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records‘.
Cover Art is done by Dimitry Uziel ••• Coisas Que Pairam.

Renato Malizia words about the background story: “Back in 1987, more precisely on 31 March, I had exactly 13 years old, and my father took me to one of the most important experiences of my life, a concert by The Cure. Exciting, fascinating and many other adjectives I could use to define what I felt that day, images remains in my memory and will never be erased.
I am extremely honored to now, almost 30 years later, put together, simply, 32 wonderfull bands, from all over the world, who, like me, have their personal stories of love with one of the greatest bands of all time.”.


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The tracklist

[column size=one_half position=first ]

  1. Blankenberge – Pictures Of You
  2. BYSTS – Killing An Arab
  3. Static Daydream – A Night Like This
  4. Arirang – 10:15 Saturday Night
  5. Second Come – Shake Dog Shake
  6. In Her Eye – Primary
  7. Echodrone – All Cats Are Grey
  8. The Infinite Seas – In Your House
  9. Creation Myth – The Exploding Boy
  10. The Fashion Focus – Untitled
  11. Plasticstatic – The Big Hand
  12. Vibrissae – Cold
  13. Coloring Electric Like – Lullaby
  14. Lautmusik – Three Imaginary Boys
  15. Pipe’s Not Dead! Feat. Krissy Vanderwoude (Whimsical) – Want
  16. The Spiracles – High

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  1. Bloom Waves – Strange Attraction
  2. Novanta – Close To Me
  3. LUR LUR – Lullaby
  4. Robsongs Feat. Samuel Jr. – Kyoto Song
  5. Soviet X-Ray Record Club – A Strange Day
  6. The Silence Kit – Winter
  7. Dialogue From A Silent Film – Lovesong
  8. Scene Noir – In Between Days
  9. Walk Onto Sun – Charlotte Sometimes
  10. ACTORS – One Hundred Years
  11. 8 6 S A N D A L S – A Forest
  12. Orchards – Just Like Heaven
  13. The Dead Suns – Push
  14. Mauk e Os Cadillacs Malditos – Fire In Cairo
  15. Twinpine(s) – Friday, I´m In Love
  16. Movie Brain – Boys Don´t Cry