Various Artists – The Cure In Other Voices


A gorgeous tribute over 3 decades

This trib­ute is com­piled by Renato Malizia from 'The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records'.
Cover Art is done by Dimitry Uziel ••• Coisas Que Pairam.

Renato Malizia words about the back­ground story: "Back in 1987, more pre­cisely on 31 March, I had exactly 13 years old, and my fath­er took me to one of the most import­ant exper­i­ences of my life, a con­cert by The Cure. Exciting, fas­cin­at­ing and many oth­er adject­ives I could use to define what I felt that day, images remains in my memory and will nev­er be erased. 
I am extremely honored to now, almost 30 years later, put togeth­er, simply, 32 won­der­full bands, from all over the world, who, like me, have their per­son­al stor­ies of love with one of the greatest bands of all time.".


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The tracklist

[column size=one_half position=first ]

  1. Blankenberge – Pictures Of You
  2. BYSTS – Killing An Arab
  3. Static Daydream – A Night Like This
  4. Arirang – 10:15 Saturday Night
  5. Second Come – Shake Dog Shake
  6. In Her Eye – Primary
  7. Echodrone – All Cats Are Grey
  8. The Infinite Seas – In Your House
  9. Creation Myth – The Exploding Boy
  10. The Fashion Focus – Untitled
  11. Plasticstatic – The Big Hand
  12. Vibrissae – Cold
  13. Coloring Electric Like – Lullaby
  14. Lautmusik – Three Imaginary Boys
  15. Pipe's Not Dead! Feat. Krissy Vanderwoude (Whimsical) – Want
  16. The Spiracles – High

[/column] [column size=one_half position=last ]

  1. Bloom Waves – Strange Attraction
  2. Novanta – Close To Me
  3. LUR LUR – Lullaby
  4. Robsongs Feat. Samuel Jr. – Kyoto Song
  5. Soviet X‑Ray Record Club – A Strange Day
  6. The Silence Kit – Winter
  7. Dialogue From A Silent Film – Lovesong
  8. Scene Noir – In Between Days
  9. Walk Onto Sun – Charlotte Sometimes
  10. ACTORS – One Hundred Years
  11. 8 6 S A N D A L S – A Forest
  12. Orchards – Just Like Heaven
  13. The Dead Suns – Push
  14. Mauk e Os Cadillacs Malditos – Fire In Cairo
  15. Twinpine(s) – Friday, I´m In Love
  16. Movie Brain – Boys Don´t Cry


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