Various Artists – Halotan Records Sampler 10

Various Artists   Halotan Records Sampler 10


Catchy melodies and harsh vocals

Sampler 10 brings you a refreshing fix of fresh dark electro music from around the world. The music selection was – as usual – dictated by its suitability for dancefloors and clubs. The compilation maintains high tempo and strong beats throughout. The vocals are harsh, the melodies catchy – so listen, enjoy and share!

Spread the word and thank you

Halotan Records would like to thank sincerely all the bands involved in this release. Please give them some love and click the like buttons. Also, we would like to thank the following people who contribute their own work:

Daniel Cichowski / Zowa Studio – responsible for audio mastering of this release.
Emmaretta – Alternative Model whose photos were used to design CD artwork (also responsible for makeup and taking the photos we used)

The Tracklist

  1. Aim & Execute – Radiant Courage
  2. Subliminal Code – Close To Me
  3. Encono – Social Anatomy (Remix by Thornsectide)
  4. Orbicide – Mea Culpa
  5. Cube-[x] – Love Properly Understood
  6. Reactor7x – Sick Of It All (CutoffSky Voiceless Remix)
  7. Exemia – Huesos
  8. Infected Sound System – Infernal Club
  9. Cynical Existence – Static (Restriction 9 Remix)
  10. Diverje – SCTM (Proyecto Crisis Remix)
  11. Syncfactory – Burst
  12. Midian Dite – God of Lust
  13. Proyecto Crisis – Shake Your Ass
  14. Alien:Nation – Engineering the Abyss
  15. M.O.D. – Broken Machinery
  16. Cold Sequence – Hostal


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