Independent Synthetics Vol. 1

Independent Synthetics Vol. 1

ES Promotions presents the first compilation

The first compilation from ES Promotions features many of the best independent electronic-based music artists, with sounds ranging from Synthpop to Electrorock and everything in-between! From veterans such as Fiction 8, white.light.monorail (Tyler Newman of Informatik) and Gogi (Eric Chamberlain) to newer acts such as N3VOA and Damage Control we have a mix of exclusive tracks and album hits that can be played in a club or a living room!

This compilation is stacked from top to bottom with the HIGHEST quality independent artists! There are many brand new and exclusive tracks on this comp! In fact, you could reverse the track listing and it is still an amazing experience from beginning to end! This is a FREE download on Bandcamp, so you can get it in any format you want or simply stream it!


  1. white.light.monorail – Grind My Gears (Vocal Version)
  2. Fiction8 – The Devil You Feed
  3. Voicecoil – Perfect Dark
  4. Level 2.0 – Moonlit (Album Version)
  5. Gogi – Diamond Skyline
  6. Kiss Is Kill – Left Is Right
  7. Blakk Glass – Medicine
  8. N3VOA – Evil Rises
  9. Missing In Stars – A Lonely Love Song
  10. Damage Control – City Of Ruins

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