Independent Synthetics Vol. 1

Independent Synthetics Vol. 1

ES Promotions presents the first compilation

The first com­pil­a­tion from ES Promotions fea­tures many of the best inde­pend­ent elec­tron­ic-based music artists, with sounds ran­ging from Synthpop to Electrorock and everything in-between! From vet­er­ans such as Fiction 8, white.light.monorail (Tyler Newman of Informatik) and Gogi (Eric Chamberlain) to new­er acts such as N3VOA and Damage Control we have a mix of exclus­ive tracks and album hits that can be played in a club or a liv­ing room!

This com­pil­a­tion is stacked from top to bot­tom with the HIGHEST qual­ity inde­pend­ent artists! There are many brand new and exclus­ive tracks on this comp! In fact, you could reverse the track list­ing and it is still an amaz­ing exper­i­ence from begin­ning to end! This is a FREE down­load on Bandcamp, so you can get it in any format you want or simply stream it!


  1. white.light.monorail – Grind My Gears (Vocal Version)
  2. Fiction8 – The Devil You Feed
  3. Voicecoil – Perfect Dark
  4. Level 2.0 – Moonlit (Album Version)
  5. Gogi – Diamond Skyline
  6. Kiss Is Kill – Left Is Right
  7. Blakk Glass – Medicine
  8. N3VOA – Evil Rises
  9. Missing In Stars – A Lonely Love Song
  10. Damage Control – City Of Ruins

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