Junksista – 50 Shades Of Gay EP

Junksista 50 Shades Of Gay

The day of gay

The 17th of May is the international day against homophobia and transphobia – An issue very dear and important to Diana and Boog of JUNKSISTA. It is a sad fact, that it’s still necessary to raise awareness for these problems anno 2017. There is still lots of discrimination and violence happening. JUNKSISTA want to make a strong yet fun statement about where they stand on that issue.

The German act JUNKSISTA are for sure known for their sometimes quite offending artistic approach. Either for their special sense of humour but also because they tend to speak out their mind and never followed any rules. And they also love to collaborate… Well, with this brand new song goodie “50 Shades Of Gay“ they do all these things at the same time! Valkyrie Beestings (THE PRISCILLAS, LENE LOVICH BAND), who you might remember from the JUNKSISTA track “likeyourshoes” borrowed them her kick ass voice and together they created this queer treasure!

Famous support acts

With the support of their label Alfa Matrix, JUNKSISTA are celebrating queerness and all shades of it with this free EP. To raise awareness for the issue… and to have fun while doing so! And they are not alone! Two legendary figures from the electronic scene also joined the cause: Claus Larsen of LEAETHER STRIP and Claus Kruse of GAYTRON / PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE. Excited about this concept and the positive message it sends, both boys delivered their very own, dancefloor-compatible versions of “50 Shades Of Gay“.

“50 Shades Of Gay“ is a groovy and very queer dancefloor anthem and as usual they tackle the subject with lots of positive energy and humour. “Smile, dance, strike a pose!” The song inspires to stand up against prejudices and name calling – or rather own them and turn them into something harmless, something fun even.

The possibly NSFW music video

The yummy cherry on top is the collaboration with the American dancer Gezelle Za Belle… the Femme Fatale with legs from hell and River Wilde – alternative photographer/director – master of ethical porn! Gezelle Za Belle caught JUNKSISTA’s attention with her super sexy and hypnotizing performances.

When asked if they were interested in supporting this project they jumped right in. Girl power! The result is a ultra hot, kinky and fun music video for ‘50 Shades Of Gay‘.

Support now!

We invite you all to grab this EP for free, (or pay as you wish) spread the word and join our fight/party for equality and against all forms of discrimination!

Rock out with your cock out!


  1. 50 Shades Of Gay (feat. Valkyrie Beestings)
  2. 50 Shades Of Gay (LEAETHER STRIP rmx)
  3. 50 Shades Of Gay (GAYTRON rmx)
  4. 50 Shades Of Gay (JUNKSISTA’s cheesy boom boom mix)

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