Pornophonique – 8‑Bit Lagerfeuer

pornophonique 8 bit lagerfeuer

8‑bit lager­feuer. Listen to two dudes using a west­ern­gui­tar, some vocals, a C64 and a game­boy. They tell you about sad robots, the loneli­ness in com­pu­ter­dun­geons and oth­er heart-break­ing geeky sceneries.

Feel free to sup­port these guys and buy the album as a real CD in black vinyl-optics with­in a black tin­top. Including vari­ant-cov­ers for each song, made by fam­ous ger­man comicartists. Available at their online-shop @ W00t!


  1. Sad Robot
  2. Take Me To The Bonuslevel Because I Need An Extralife
  3. Lemmings In Love
  4. Space Invaders
  5. I Want To Be A Machine
  6. 1/2 Player Game
  7. Game Over
  8. Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame

Download full free MP3 album on Jamendo

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