We're In This ToGOTHer – A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails

We're In This ToGOTHer - A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails

A tribute of Industrial passion

An artist organ­ized trib­ute to Nine Inch Nails. Thanks to the bands that joined and to Nine Inch Nails for the music­al inspiration.

Limited to 200 down­load cred­its (Tribulations Bandcamp page) per month. If you miss out, grab the album through the Dropbox link on the Tribulations Facebook page below.

Credits: Organized and com­piled by Chris Shortt, Mastered by Benji Bordelon, Cover Art by Chris Shortt, Additional assist­ance by Roland Zwaga.


  1. CorlyxReptile
  2. Killchild – Wish
  3. Subject Zero – Heresy
  4. Annodalleb – Hurt
  5. Construct – Right Where It Belongs
  6. Man Woman Machine – Into The Void
  7. W.O.R.M. – Love Is Not Enough
  8. Acidrodent – Big Man With A Gun
  9. Wayward Sun – The Becoming
  10. Visions In Black (ft Evan Mitchell) – Gave Up
  11. Numbered Men – Head Down (A Beautiful Nightmare Reinterpretation)
  12. Marc Lowe – Reptile
  13. Louis Guidone – The Becoming
  14. The Cryptids – Something I Can Never Have

Download 'We're In This ToGOTHer – A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails' here

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