Alfa Matrix Downloaded 007

Alfa Matrix Downloaded 007

No. 7

With the 7th edi­tion of their now clas­sic FREE "Matrix Downloaded" label digit­al com­pil­a­tion, Belgium's ALFA MATRIX label pre­pared once more the per­fect eclect­ic altern­at­ive music soundtrack for your end of year Season Holiday.

An awesome collection

Again a pre­fect pre-X-Mas present for all of us with a selec­tion of 46 songs nicely rep­res­ent­ing the label’s most recent singles and albums while giv­ing a pre­view of some prom­ising forth­com­ing 2018 pro­duc­tions includ­ing announced new releases by HELALYN FLOWERS, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, AIBOFORCEN, LOVELORN DOLLS, METROLAND, PSY’AVIAH, JUNKSISTA, ELEKTROKLÄNGE, MONDTRÄUME, DUNKELWERK, SCHWARZBLUT, AVARICE IN AUDIO, KOMOR KOMMANDO, SIVA SIX, MILDREDA, ALIEN VAMPIRES, AD:KEY, IMJUDAS, AESTHETISCHE as well as from the label’s recent recruits the much prom­ising future pop French act CRYTEK.

Many hours to discover

A 200 minute-plus com­pil­a­tion that reflects the label’s music rep­er­toire and impress­ive artist roster in the full-force of its diversity also remind­ing us that ALFA MATRIX is one of the very few indie elec­tro labels who still dare to scout new tal­ents and to inject new blood into the scene while oth­ers would def­in­itely choose to sleep on their laurels while focus­ing on their sure val­ues of estab­lished bands.

The ulti­mate col­lec­tion of scene fam­ous and estab­lished artists fea­tured next to rising new tal­ents and stun­ning new dis­cov­er­ies from the label’s impress­ive army of artists… Since 2001, ALFA MATRIX has been offer­ing to you elec­tron­ic music with atti­tude… EBM, synth pop, indus­tri­al, elec­tron­ic, indie rock, nu elec­tro, dark elektro, avant-garde, goth met­al, wave, techno house: you get it all!


  1. Sin.sin – Blacklist (Feat. Helalyn Flowers) (Aiboforcen Mix)
  2. Mondträume – Free
  3. Crytek – Anathema
  4. Kant Kino – Wrong
  5. Ad:key – Shameless (EP Mix)
  6. ELM – Burial (12 Inch Mix)
  7. Plastic Noise Experience – Struggle
  8. Mentallo & The Fixer – A Lot Like The Truth
  9. Diffuzion – Insomnia (Rmx)
  10. Implant – The Phone Call (Noseda Rmx)
  11. Circuito Cerrado – What’s Your Emergency (Club Version)
  12. Studio‑x Vs. Simon Carter – I’m Alive (Time To Fight)
  13. Studio‑x Vs. Technoid – Leave Us Alone
  14. Aesthetische – In My Aurora (Feat. Helalyn Flowers) (Uplifting Mix)
  15. Star Industry – Shiver (Aesthetische Cold Mix)
  16. Helalyn Flowers – Kamikaze Angel
  17. Alien Vampires – Far From Humans (Feat. Suicide Commando) (Helalyn Flowers Mix)
  18. Pouppee Fabrikk – Watch Your Sex
  19. Armageddon Dildos – Intimidated
  20. Ayria – Crash And Burn
  21. Entrzelle – Steadily Loosing Faith
  22. Llumen – Force Of Nurture (Mildreda Mix)
  23. Aiboforcen – In The Valley Of The Death (Absolute Version)
  24. Essence Of Mind – The Great Unknown (Twisted Destiny Mix)
  25. Cosmic Armchair – Valentine
  26. SD-KRTR – The Girl From The Station (Feat. Charmae)
  27. Lovelorn Dolls – Dead Sea
  28. Imjudas – Tulpa
  29. Psy’Aviah – Gamechanger (Feat. Mixe1)
  30. Junksista – Monday (Feat. Essence Of Mind)
  31. Metroland – Cube (Large)
  32. Elektroklänge – Heimkonsole (Mehrsprachige Version)
  33. Növö – Groupe 8–2 (Extended)
  34. Aengeldust – Agent Orange (Endzeit Version)
  35. Totem Obscura – Blut Marschiert
  36. Dunkelwerk – Waffengang (Special Sample Cut)
  37. Schwarzblut – Dolorosa
  38. Acylum – Ostracized (Feat. Hydra Division V)
  39. Mildreda – Erazor (Extended Version)
  40. Zombie Girl – Panic Attack (Venal Flesh Mix)
  41. Venal Flesh – Corrupted Wetware
  42. Komor Kommando – Music Is My Religion
  43. Neikka RPM – Deep Dive (All You Devils)
  44. The Psychic Force – Blowback
  45. Avarice In Audio – Lie To Me
  46. Siva Six – Apocalypsis (Basstocracy Remix)

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