Face The Beat – Season 2

face the beat   season 2


A few years ago Side-Line compiled “Face The Beat”, a compilation featuring a lot of new talents. The compilation was a huge success and got downloaded over 24.000 times. Today, a couple of years later, we launch “Face The Beat: Session 2”, again featuring lots of new talents, and a few familiar ‘faces’ from the electro, wave, industrial scene including John Fryer, Acylum, NoyceTM, Desireless, Dario Seraval (Borghesia) and so on. The purpose is/was not to offer you material from the most popular acts, but mostly to let you discover newer bands which caught our attention and which often haven’t got a label contract or have just been signed recently etc..

The free compilation, counting 52 tracks, is available now via Bandcamp. It’s a free compilation, however if you want to support some of Side-Line’s charities (Plan International being one), feel free to donate too, all proceeds will go to financing these projects. To give you an idea, supporting one child costs us 360 Euro per year. We want to continue supporting several children, so every donation is more than welcome.

Download now on Bandcamp