Day Twelve – Fin


This is it. The nail in the coffin.I can’t tell you how much this album means to me because this is where it truly started. There were many projects before this one but this is where, I feel, it started for me. A small project that has brought a lot of wonderful things with it. All my friends who volunteered to rework the songs, it means so much. To see each one of you tilt the light, adjust the microscope and see the songs through your own personal filter is an amazing thing. I am honoured to know you and I am proud of this release. Thank you for your patience and for your time.


  1. Blu Print
  2. Move
  3. The Basement
  4. Monster
  5. Lie In Wait
  6. Sky Punch (Alt Mix)
  7. Move (Still Mix)
  8. Lie In Wait (IIOIOIOII Remix)
  9. Move (Neuroticfish Remix)
  10. Sky Punch (Assemblage 23 Remix)
  11. Sky Punch (Machines On Blast Remix)
  12. Sky Punch (NoC Remix)
  13. Sky Punch (Zeitfaktor Remix)
  14. The Basement (Kult of Red Pyramid)
  15. The Basement (PsyAviah Remix) 03:37

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