Venus In Aries – Beyond The Veil

Venus In Aries - Beyond The Veil

Some album facts

'Venus In Aries' have released their debut album 'Beyond The Veil' under the flag of Glitch Mode Recordings. The music sounds some­where between Industial, Darkwave and catchy Synth Pop. But is it 'Industrial Pop'? Listen to it and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Produced and mixed by Venus in Aries with Sean Payne, mastered @ Glitch Mode Recordings – Chicago, IL. All songs writ­ten by Verena May, Sean Payne, David Borsky and Andrew Tremblay. Additional vocal record­ings on "Beyond the Veil", "Justice" and "My Dear Parasite" by Sean Dever. Additional vocal record­ings on "Never Enough" and "Burst" by Hillary Johnson.


  1. Pushing It
  2. Never Enough
  3. My Dear Parasite
  4. Burst
  5. Justice
  6. Beyond The Veil
  7. Severed
  8. Heart In A Machine

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